A woman in her 30's and her bright summer dress!

I heard of some people say "when a woman turns 30 and up, everything just seem to go downfall", and also heard others say "age 30 & up is a major turning point in a woman's life for the better".
Which do I believe?
I'll answer - "It depends - on the individual."

Let's consider some "simple" events where both viewpoints can be applied:

Scenario #1: I understand how some view it as a downfall due to factors that come with aging such as, physical changes like weight gain, skin problems (wrinkles, acne); also emotional/social changes like career boredom, stress from caring and maintaining a family and so forth.. which then can lead to lower self-esteem/worth and less exciting life. (**I'm not even going to detail every single example there can be, because I know the list will go on and on!) 

Scenario #2: But on the other hand, I also agree with those who believe and see it as a brighter period in their life. A time to love and embrace their body more and all the changes that come with it; to appreciate their career even more or to pursue a more exciting one; and to tackle family life and responsibilities with patience, hope and more love. I prefer to be on this side = the positive and mature side!

This month marked my 31st year of being alive and I can say that although the passed 30 years weren't always perfect and bright, they were meaningful.

Believe me or not, I've seen scenario #1 already unfolded (maybe even before I turned 30):

Weight gain = CHECKED
Skin problems = CHECKED (Oh my, oh my adult acne battle!)
Career boredom = CHECKED 
Family life/finance stress = CHECKED

But, I've also seen scenario #2 built up and bounced me back on track!
A more positive and mature viewpoint helped me and keeps helping me to:

-Eat more healthy and be more physically active to maintain the ideal weight for my height and body shape.
-Find the skincare/beauty products that suit my skin type and skin problems and never giving up with a good skincare routine that works.
-Changed my job and loving my new position.
-Accept the fact that stress in the family is already a given and I can only control what I can. LOL

So, my advice? 
No matter what age group we are in, life is full of scenario #1 (even the worse version of it), but scenario #2 is always an option for everyone to choose.
And I will keep choosing it!

One good yet simple way to brighten life each day is by dressing up! 

Here's one of my fave vintage summer dresses. It's very light weight that is perfect for the warm weather. I love it's length and cut. I added a red belt for accent and opted for classic black Carlos Santana wedges that can match my black Calvin Klein purse. (You can never go wrong mix-n-matching your not-so-new clothes/shoes/purse!)
I remember it was way more loose on me, & ofcourse scenario #1 (**weight gain) happened, BUT don't forget scenario # 2 - "love and embrace it!"


I bought the dress from Asos.com last year and saw other similar new ones in different colors currently on sale.
Check out the website by clicking on the link.

Thanks for reading and happy summertime!!!

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