SUMMER Vibes | Dealing with the heat plus #OOTD

What to do when it's 103 degrees Fahrenheit hot where you live?

a.) Go to the mall and get free AC
b.) Go to the beach
c.) Go to a nearby city or somewhere else cooler in temperature
d.) Stay at home and blast on your AC

This weekend I picked options "b" and "c" and paired them with a light summer Mason Jules midi dress (bought from, my old-fave plain white vans and a lightweight white coach backpack, and voila!

#OOTD style = chic without compromising comfort.

My city's summer heat is just unbearable (sad to say…). So most of the people I know don't mind driving to the Bay Area on the weekends to enjoy the cool breeze at the beach or just hang out in any surrounding bay area cities that has cooler temps!

So my husband and I did just so. We drove an hour to San Jose Ca. We spent 2 hours walking around inside the Westfield mall and shopped some sales and then headed to Santana Row (just a block away from the mall).

I love being in Santana Row. It's a 0.3 mile outside mall, where you just walk on a straight street with parallel sides filled with shops and restaurants. Towards the end of the street, there's a cute mini square or plaza set up with chairs and tables and greeneries where you can sit and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a bubble tea and a pastry as you watch people walk by… and yes, without the inconvenience of feeling super "hot" and sweating, just because you're outdoors. Now that's an ideal weekend summer for me - where I can wear my summer outfits without sweating! LOL.

What's your weekend vibe for summer? Feel free to share your thoughts by comments.

For more info about Santana row, you can check the website at

Thanks for reading!

Much love, Christie

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