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ACCESSORY | A beautiful and timeless necklace

**The featured necklace is from Capsul Jewelry.
**The beautiful peplum dress is from Leota New York.
**The matching purse is from Foley and Corinna.
**The comfy avarca sandals are from Avarca Store.

Layering jewelries especially necklaces is so popular nowadays that I must admit, I find it so trendy and cool myself too.
Layered necklaces look so gorgeous on photos and are very Instagram worthy to post! But on this blog post, I hope to highlight a beautiful necklace on its own that I am sure will also stand out even more when worn layered with other necklaces.

STYLE | Wedding Guest Dresses - My Picks and Where to buy them

-This post is not sponsored.-

Wedding season is here once again and that means hunting for those perfect wedding guest dresses!
I love light-bright and floral dresses that compliment the warm & happy mood of weddings. And since I've also been loving pastel hues lately, my top picks will include a lot of them.

TRAVEL | What's inside my travel backpack?

**Featured backpack is from MMS brands.
**Featured pants are from Shop the Mint.

My favorite travel bag, especially on long flights, is a backpack.
It's roomy, convenient to carry & trendy.

FASHION | Getting Ready for Summer with my Nalho sandals

**Featured sandals are from Nalho.
**Featured denim jacket is from Wantable.

Who's ready for summer? It's never too early!
Days for dresses, shorts, tank tops, sandals & flip flops are coming!
As much as I hate the thought of super warm summer temps, I do love the fact that I can dress/style up light and minimal...

So yes, my all-time main fashion goal for summer time is to be as comfortable and cool as I can to beat the summer heat! And that I mean from head to toe.

STYLE | Simple ways to create different looks with gaucho pants and spring sweaters

**Featured tops are from Sita Murt.
**Featured black purse is from The Purse Club.
**Featured crossbody bag is from Wantable.

Gaucho pants are still rockin' this year and are one of those pieces that can be  very tricky to style.
One can either look like a very chic fashion trender when these pants are styled correctly or end up looking like someone who just jumped out of bed with ungroomed baggy sleeping pants on.

On this article, let's try to do the right way of styling the famous wide-legged gaucho pants.. 
I created two very simple looks with my old-fave white gaucho pants from Gap, pairing them with 2 light top sweaters from Sita Murt with a purse from The Purse Club and a crossbody bag from Wantable that can be perfect for this Spring season's outfits.

FASHION | How to Style a jersey dress to get that chic laid-back look

**The featured dress is from Leota New York.
**The featured sneakers are from Rocketdog Footwear.

A universal all-time fave go-to look is the laid-back style.
That often means, a shirt/sweater with shorts or jeans and sneakers.
And anyone would agree that "comfort" is usually the main goal of this type of look or style, no matter what the season may be.
But then mix-matching those same types of pieces can get boring overtime.
So one way I spice it up without losing that comfortable/relaxed feeling but just adding flare to it, is by matching a jersey dress with sneakers.
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