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BLOGGING TIPS | How Do I get Clothes and other things for FREE to blog about?

**Featured Suede Jacket is from !

Yes, it's only been 7 months since I started blogging & I don't have tens of thousands of followers yet on my Instagram account and blog, so practically I'm still a newbie in the blogging world, but I have been receiving quite a lot of quality "blogger mails / freebies" to test and keep, to write about and to post.. So, many has been asking me "how do I do it?"

Like you, I am also still surprised and overwhelmed on how many "free gifts" just keep coming from brands over the passed few months, in exchange for my honest reviews and posts. And more than anything else, I am very much thankful and delighted that the brands/companies I have worked with and am currently working with still, are so generous not only of their products to give but most importantly of their trust and confidence to allow me to feature and market their brand in their behalf.

So then going back to the question, "How do I land collaboration projects that allow me to get free products?"

SPONSORED | A beautiful bracelet with a hair tie!

**The featured hair tie bracelet is from Maria Shireen
Is the weather super warm and your hair is down making you sweat more and be uncomfortable? or are you working so hard on something and your hair just keeps getting/falling on your face and eyes making you not getting anything done?
Yes?! - a hair tie is the answer!
So, you look around and/or search inside your bag for one, and there's none!
If you're like me, this is a very common scenario, where I find my hair ties always misplaced and nowhere to be seen when I need one the most! Aggravating right?! lol

FASHION | The "black bag" essential..

**The featured bag is from Teddy Blake .

Out of all the bags/purses you may own, I'm sure you have that certain one that you always use - either because of its color, style or size, right?
Well, I have.... a chic yet classy, small to medium sized, black bag!
But recently, I have found the one that has those exact bag specifications which can finally replace my old, torn apart "former fave bag".. lol

REVIEW | Ozalia Boots - the softest and warmest winter boots!

***The Icon Short boots were from Ozalia boots.

Everytime I feel cold, the part of my body that feels it first and the most are my "feet"... And usually, even with layered socks/leggings and with boots, they're still cold during winter season...
Perfectly, the Icon Short in black from Ozalia boots arrived in time - when my feet complains about the cold the most - December to January months!

FOOD | 100 % Real Coconut Water that supports a good cause

***The coconut water in feature is from Pure Brazilian Coconut Water

I could literally claim that my new "water" is coconut water due to the fact that it never misses my weekly household grocery list, making my fridge not running out of coco water!.. haha

Who wouldn't love coconut water? It's like "the healthy-naturally flavored water!"

It's naturally refreshing; it contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar & electrolytes; it's low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free; it has more potassium than 4 bananas & it's super hydrating!
Needless more to say, it's no surprise that coconut water is ascribed as the latest "health craze".
That also explains why coconut water is so expensive, although not all brands are 100% pure and natural coconut water!
I only buy it when I'm sure that it has no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no added sugar.

REVIEW | Home Aromatization with Broken Top Handmade Soy Candles

***Candles in review are complimentary from Broken Top Candle Co.

Everyone appreciates a well ventilated and pleasant-fresh smelling home.... I personally make sure that's the case in my own home.. And scented candles are my favorite (next to essential oils) to use to aromatize the home. I really hate the smell of air freshener sprays and plug-ins, especially knowing how chemical filled most of them are, makes me dislike them even more...
But don't get me wrong, because even candles (paraffin wax candles) create highly toxic and known carcinogens, benzene and toluene when burned. That's why as much as possible, I opt to use only soy candles..
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