FASHION | My Rosegal Wishlist for Sweater Season

***This is a collaboration with  Rosegal .

I'm really not a fan of the cold seasons, mainly because I can't wear my colorful summer dresses.. haha! Also, because my body usually aches when it's cold...
But I'm a big fan of sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, coats and jackets that are perfect in keeping me warm, comfy and stylish during fall and winter months.

TRAVEL | Alesund, Norway - A tour in the Land of Trolls and the Fjords

Trolls. Fjords.
Those are the 2 words I remember the most as I think of the time I was in Alesund - the 2nd stop of our cruise. They were the main subjects of our 8 hours tour that day.

Fun Fact: Alesund is the most important fishing port in Norway and the town's fishing fleet is one of the most modern in all of Europe. Alesund is noted for its concentration of Art Noveau architecture.

TRAVEL | Bergen, Norway - 8 hours of city sightseeing and lots of walking!

The first stop of our 2017 14-days cruise with Norwegian Jade was in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway.
Fun Fact: Bergen takes its name from the original Bjorgvin meaning "the green meadow among the mountains".  And I personally saw that meaning come to life with my own eyes…
It served as Norway's capital in the 13th century and then after became a bureau of the Hanseatic League. Bergen port is Norway's busiest, where over 300 cruise ship calls happen a year.

From the port, we bought Hop on/Hop off bus tickets for 35 euros each. It was a bad decision! We didn't realize until we reached the city centre that we can basically walk from the port to the first city sightseeing spot - "Bryggen" - in 15 minutes and everything else that this beautiful city offers to tourists like us having a limited time can be reached by foot! Yes, by foot!

FOOD | My Forever Love for COFFEE and COFFEE SHOPS!

Being in Europe for vacation reminds me of the many reasons why I love going to coffee shops/cafes for a cup of coffee and one or two pastries on the side.

I lived in Bologna Italy for almost 5 years and that's where I first found "mi'amore" (my love) for coffee and pastries.

When the word Italy is mentioned, I find it amusing how many (especially foodies alike) will instantly think of coffee and croissant! (but then of course come pizza, pasta, gelato then bags and shoes. Lol.)

Sponsored Product Review: Vlando Travel-size Jewelry Box - The Piccolo

Have you ever stepped out from home with your perfect outfit and matching jewelries, until you finally arrive at your destination and realize that you should have stuck with your first choice of jewelries than the ones you're wearing?
Well, I did - often times. haha!

#KoreanSkincareSeries: Oh my Acne Battle! Part 2 | Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Essence

Hello again, I hope everyone's having a great summer so far, while taking care of your skin and keeping it beautiful...

As for me, my skin has been pretty cooperative with my skincare regimen, although still having those "awful days" dealing with zits.. haha.

So, here's the second part of my Acne Battle #KoreanSkincareSeries post and I'll be sharing my favorite and regular skincare products for cleansing, toning, peeling and moisturizing..

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