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STYLE | Trendy Backpack - How to shop for one that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

 ***The featured backpack is from Monroe and Kent

I remember the days when backpacks were mainly used by students (like I used to be) to carry books and all other school supplies... Back then, your backpack was your "cool badge"... And now that I think of it, that meaning of a backpack being a "cool badge"  has extended beyond the walls of student/school life, and has penetrated into the "fashion trend" world.

STYLE | What I look for when buying FALL boots! (featuring my Rosegal Wishlist)

***Dress is from Rosegal.

Fall outfits are not complete without boots!
Ankle boots, booties, peep toe booties, classic riding boots, chelsea boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, knee high boots - you name it! Did I miss something??.. I bet I did!
But you get the point, there are so many different types of boots that allow every fashionista to create fun outfits for fall season...

Personally, I follow 1 shopping rule for boots, that is: "One pair of boots is a must per year!" lol. I try, but not necessarily!

SPONSORED | Frankie35 JORD Watch - The Perfect Gift at the Perfect Time!

***This post is sponsored by JORD Watches
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(this giveaway is valid until December 19th, 2017)

Time is so valuable that I'm sure anyone would agree if I say, "good management and tracking of it are essential to meet everyday life's demands and our own personal goals and expectations.."

Now more than ever, I am constantly reminded and even challenged on keeping track of my time.... Which reminds me of a corny childhood joke response that my friends used to tell me everytime I would ask them for the time - "It's time for you to buy a watch!" lol.

REVIEW | SenchaFit Tea - I'm inloved!

***SenchaFit tea was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

Alongside with my coffee addiction comes my love for "tea"!
A warm cup of tea brightens up my mornings, uplifts my afternoon breaks, and relaxes me before bedtime... Yes, unlike coffee, I basically can and will drink tea anytime of the day, everyday!
Which are my faves?
#1 is green tea - that's why I love matcha!
#2 are fruit flavored teas

STYLE | Let's Get Fit Glamorously with Glitteractive

**Featured fitness top and bottom are from Glitteractive .
Use my personal discount code "ANA18" to get $10 off any purchase of $40 or more.

Wouldn't you agree if I say fitness clothes are getting more and more glamorous as times go by?
I use the word "glamour" because its definition perfectly describes how fitness clothes are nowadays - charming, attractive, mystique and fashionable!

They are so trendy that many love to wear them not only when going to the gym or the park to get fit or exercise, but also when travelling, shopping, running errands and even dining out.

COLLABORATION | My Sassy Phone Case from MoreByNR

***This is a collaboration with MoreByNR.
Use my personal discount code "ana10" to get 10% discount on your order.
(Code is valid throughout the whole month of November 2017)

We're living in the days when phone cases are already a part of our daily style and/or outfits.
Like clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries, shopping for cute and trendy phone cases is becoming not just a "want" kind of thing but an actual need for many..(especially women)
Are you one of those who change their phone case regularly?..
Well,  I am.. haha
That's why I am so happy that recently, I was given the chance to become a promoter for an amazing brand that sells phone cases that can capture anyone's eyes and that can match anyone's sense of style, -  MoreByNR.
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