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FOOD & FASHION | My First Ever Visit and Experience at Nekter Juice Bar for fresh and healthy drinks and snacks

**Featured food and drinks are sponsored by Nekter Juice Bar.
**Outfit details (sponsored pieces):
Dress is from Leota New York
Purse is from Modaluxe
Armbelt is from SambySabrina
**ALL opinions are honestly rendered by yours truly.

With NorCal's crazy summer heat nowadays, a very refreshing visit to Nekter Juice Bar was much needed last weekend.
Nekter Juice Bar has been in business since 2010 but locations nearby me only opened in the passed recent years and I got to visit the one in Sacramento, Ca for the first time.
Both my husband and I were so excited because we both love fresh and healthy drinks and snacks. Nekter Juice Bar offers freshly made juices, smoothies and acai bowls without any mystery ingredients - NO hidden fillers, NO unnecessary sugars, NO processed ingredients & NO artificial flavors!

TRAVEL | San Diego's beaches, food and weather - Exploring America's Finest City with my Soulmates Collection shoes!

**Featured shoes are from Soulmates Collection.

Beautiful beaches, amazing food and warm weather define a perfect summer! And San Diego, Ca presents them all... No wonder why it's known as America's Finest City!
It is always relaxing being in San Diego - the weather is always fair(not so hot and not so cold); the traffic is way less crazy compared to other major California cities; the warm watered-beaches surrounding the city each have their unique features that can cater to different types of audience; and the food - great restaurants and cafes are everywhere!

TRAVEL | Sigthseeing and Foodtrip in LA with Teddy Blake's Bella Satchel

**Featured bag is from Teddy Blake.

Recently, my husband and I decided to do a short trip to SoCal and it was amazing!
Although, we live fairly close to SoCal, we realized that we haven't really explored the Los Angeles/San Diego area thoroughly as a couple, like we usually do when vacationing in Europe.. (how sad, you may say! lol)
We've been to Socal a few times, mostly with family, so we did the same things everytime - meaning, Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World, and weren't really adventurous to see and experience new things. So that's what we did this time!

TRAVEL | What to eat in Bologna - Italy's Food Capital City

I'm originally from Italy's capital city of food - Bologna. Although I clearly remember it being already abundant with various kinds of food and places to eat at over 10 years ago, I really didn't imagine that its food industry will have greatly developed and expanded like to how it is now.
From its original masterpieces of pasta, tortellini, pizza, lasagna, prosciutto, salame, gelato & caffe', Bologna over the years has embraced new ways to perfect their cuisine and dishes while maintaining their original and authentic flavors, as well as infusing some foreign tastes.

ACCESSORY | A beautiful and timeless necklace

**The featured necklace is from Capsul Jewelry.
**The beautiful peplum dress is from Leota New York.
**The matching purse is from Foley and Corinna.
**The comfy avarca sandals are from Avarca Store.

Layering jewelries especially necklaces is so popular nowadays that I must admit, I find it so trendy and cool myself too.
Layered necklaces look so gorgeous on photos and are very Instagram worthy to post! But on this blog post, I hope to highlight a beautiful necklace on its own that I am sure will also stand out even more when worn layered with other necklaces.

STYLE | Wedding Guest Dresses - My Picks and Where to buy them

-This post is not sponsored.-

Wedding season is here once again and that means hunting for those perfect wedding guest dresses!
I love light-bright and floral dresses that compliment the warm & happy mood of weddings. And since I've also been loving pastel hues lately, my top picks will include a lot of them.
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