That's me - Ana Christie!

I enjoy the simple pleasures of seeing beauty and experiencing culture through travelling; eating tasty foods with a cup of italian coffee; crazy shopping sales for dress up; and pampering myself with korean skincare products while watching k-dramas. With the perfect tool - my camera, I capture the memories of these experiences and gather them together to write my stories.
That's how this blog was created by yours truly.

California is my home base but Philippines and Bologna, Italy hold a massive chunk in my heart that screams "home" as I was born and raised there. The fact that I lived in 3 totally different worlds I believe created the gregarious side of me (although most of my days I still see that quiet and anti-social side of me).

Photography is love.

My self-tenet: if words can't express it, show a beautifully captured photograph. Taking pictures and editing them has been a long-standing passion of mine and a never ending excitement of learning and perfecting, as I think that I can never be a true master of it.

Skincare and Style are every woman's essentials.

I truly believe that real beauty is still our inner self, but I also cannot deny that enhancing it with our outer beauty contributes to our self-worth. I don't have a perfect porcelain skin, a perfectly toned body matched with expensive designer bags/clothes  as what  models convey as "beautiful" nowadays; but loving myself with the skincare & make up that works for my skin and the affordable yet chic clothes & accessories that show my own style is what I consider as the prettiest.

Travel and food - a love and hate relationship.

Everyone loves and hates to travel and eat, at the same time,  believe it or not (well, atleast I can say I do). I love vacation travelling but also hate the long plane ride, packing then unpacking and the travel costs. I love eating but also hate gaining weight. But that love and hate relationship makes every experience bittersweet leaving one the craving of doing it all over again!

See and share with my adventures on this blog!

All posts on this blog will clearly reflect 100% of my personal experiences and my own opinions.  Any  posts that contain sponsorship and affiliated link will be fully disclosed and products will be marked with an "*" if given for review.

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