SUMMER Favorites: Lip Tint & Balm | Secret Key & Holika Holika

To perfect that summer glam, hydrated and natural glowing lips are a must!
I personally prefer lip balms & light lip tints over lipsticks during summer time because they add a simple yet cute charm on my summer outfits by keeping a natural look!

Today, I'll talk about 2 of my most used lip balm & tint (recently). And yes, they are Korean brands!

1.) Secret Key: Sweet Glam Tint Glow - Purple
Keywords - "secret", "sweet", "glam", "glow"! It's my secret weapon for a sweet, glamorous and glowing lips look, that can stay up to more than 8 hours even after eating or drinking,
It's a lip tint & a hydrating lip balm in one! It has Lanolin oil that helps soften, condition & moisturize the pout! I super love how it both keeps the lips hydrated and tinted for a long time & how smooth it glides on the lips when applied.
It smells fruity & sweet and has no unpleasant taste.
I use it everyday to work & even on the weekends when I just want to have a sweet & natural look.
There are different colors to choose from but I personally love the purple and pink ones!

## I used to buy this product from (USA) but now from for $6.99. The quality, size and longevity of it are so worth the price.

TIP: This product melts easily when stored in hot areas, so try to avoid doing that especially during warm seasons.

2.) Holika Holika: Dodo Glow Lip Balm #02 - Dodo Coral
This is a limited edition lip balm from Holika Holika that I was able to try from 
It's a heart-shaped lip balm in a twist-up case with cute Mikado cat cartoons. Just so cute!
Natural oils from Argan, Olive and Orange make this lip balm not just cute but a powerful tool to keep your lips smooth & moisturized.
I love its sweet-orangey smell and its candy like taste!
It definitely gives my lips a natural glowy shade of coral. The tint is very light but you can apply more to achieve the right tint you like.

## This too I bought from for $3.35(on sale) when it was still available. Since it's a limited edition, I wasn't able to find it anywhere else after I bought my last one in 04/2017. Hoping that they will resell it!
TIP: This product also is sensitive to heat; it melts easily when exposed to heat, so make sure to store it in cool places.

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