STYLE | Create New Outfits while Saving Money: How I do it!

"It's not the price tag, the brand or whether it's in or not that makes an outfit stand-out and beautiful, it's how you carry it…" 

This passed weekend, people were telling me "I love your outfit! You always have brand new outfits all the time!"

I was flattered of course, because I love dressing up and it's nice to know that others appreciate it...
But at the same time, I do want to clarify the misconception of "having brand new outfits all the time!"
Although I really wish so! haha. It's impossible, because I am not filthy rich to have all the money to keep buying brand new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
That's why I wrote this post to share my personal tips and tricks on how I give the impression to others that my outfits are brand new but in actuality they're not and how I save money when I shop for outfits.


Have you thoroughly looked into your closed lately? I regularly do. This helps me to see and know the clothes I do have and to identify the ones that I rarely use from the ones I often use. By doing so, I can pair up those rarely used ones with my regulars and/or my new pieces to create a new look.
I also make sure that I alternate/switch matches. I try not to repeat the same exact match of top+bottom+shoes+accessories within a 14 days period(my regular ones, like my office clothes).
I repeat this process and voila! - seemingly new outfits are created!

The trick: People rarely can remember the outfits consisting of already seen clothes due to the many swatches made and the gap in time between the previous/last time wearing them together.

2.) SHOP ON SALE ITEMS (Anytime/Anywhere)

When I see the "sale" sign on the stores I love to shop at (either in location or online), I stop by and check, not necessarily to buy something, but to browse for any piece that is under my budget and that can be a good match to whatever I already have. If I do see one, I buy it there.
Lately, I've been leaning towards online sale shopping more due to better deals and discounts.


This is my ultimate favorite way of saving money on clothes.  I wait until the end of season to buy clothes that I will use the following season.
Out of season sales usually offer deeper discounts than regular sales.
So I buy my winter clothes in spring, my spring clothes in summer, my summer clothes in fall.
I refrain from using my new clothes/shoes/accessories right away.
My husband calls me a squirrel for always saving most of my new clothes or newly matched outfits for an upcoming event or the next season. 


If a special event is coming up either in a few months or even a year, know its season, and look for clothes that are on sale in the present, that you can use solely or match with your other older clothes to create that perfect outfit. Or even better, search your closet for a piece that you haven't worn in a long time that still looks good as new and accessorize it!
I rarely buy an outfit within the same month of having the need to use it.


Be strict on yourself, have self-control and know your limit so you can stay under your allotted budget.
It makes me happy and proud of myself when I do so. haha!

Here are photos of my outfits last weekend wherein I applied my tips mentioned above:

Outfit #1:
BLAZER (from CREMIEUX) I have this since 2014 and I rarely used it.
SKIRT (from ZARA) I bought this last spring 2017 on sale.
SHOES (a gift) I have this since summer of 2015 that I use regularly.

Outfit #2:
DRESS (from ZARA) I bought this last June 2017 on sale.
SHOES (from MACYS) I bought these last winter 2016 on sale (with extra 20% off the sale price).

Outfit #3:
DRESS (from BANANA REPUBLIC) I bought it last February 2017 on sale (with an additional 40% off the sale price).
SHOES (from Italy) a family gift I received last November 2016 that I only used 2-3 times in the past.

***PURSE (from BRAHMIN) was bought last June 2017 on sale (50% of regular price).
***ACCESSORIES/JEWELRIES - were a mixture of my old ones and some newly added ones that I bought a few months ago.

So, there.... I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would like you to share your thoughts about it through your comments.
Also, feel free to mention your own tips/tricks on saving money for outfits and your own ways of creating new outfits from not-so-new clothing pieces!

Thank you for reading and til next time!

Much love, Christie


  1. These are awesome tips that I also live by as well. It is nice to know you feel like a zillion dollars without needing to spend that! Xoxox

    1. Thank you.... Yes I agree to what you said. Thanks for reading! Xoxo

  2. Yes! Great tips! My price is $20! I will have my eye on a piece of something (shoes, blouse, etc) and keep checking up on it to go on sale. And it pretty much always does. When it hits the $20 range I snap it up. I've snagged some amazing pieces like this! But I insist on quality. You just have to be patient to find these great deals. :)

    1. Yay, I do the same too… Just keep checking back on sales until prices hit the lowest or more extra discounts are offered… and you're right, I also insist on quality, not just buying anything just because it's on sale…
      Thank you for dropping by!