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Wouldn't you agree if I say fitness clothes are getting more and more glamorous as times go by?
I use the word "glamour" because its definition perfectly describes how fitness clothes are nowadays - charming, attractive, mystique and fashionable!

They are so trendy that many love to wear them not only when going to the gym or the park to get fit or exercise, but also when travelling, shopping, running errands and even dining out.
I personally haven't really incorporated my fitness clothes as part of my outfit when travelling, shopping or dining out, as of yet... Except at times when I just came from the park after a jog and I have to go to a nearby grocery store or café for a quick stop.
Why? you may ask... It's just me... I tend to categorize & separate my clothes according to their purpose, the occasion, my sense of comfort or mood and the type of weather/season.
Since I see fitness clothes as intended solely for exercising - that is going to the gym or park to break some sweat and get fit - I think they should only be worn on those circumstances..

However, I do not see anything wrong about wearing them somewhere else other than what I mentioned. Especially acknowledging how cute and fancy looking they are now, I'm slowly changing my viewpoint on where/when to wear fitness clothes..

One very appropriate example that's contributing to my change of mind is this trendy fitness clothes pair that I received as a gift from Glitteractive.
Comfort and style are my main thoughts about this pair. I love how they comfortably hug my body shape without being so tight and without making me feel overly conscious on how shape-revealing they make me look. They are stylish yet simple and easy on the eyes!.. I love this pair.
Glitteractive offers activewear that focus on more than just fitness but also about lifestyle. Being mindful of modern women's busy lives and varying personalities, Glitteractive's activewear give comfort and style for those who deserve and want to stand out and show off whether when in the gym, when running errands and/or relaxing..

Although I personally do not go to the gym (yet...), I consider myself as a pretty active & self-conscious woman.. Naturally, I want to feel good of myself and my body. So, I go to the park to power walk, jog and play basketball 2-3 times a week if possible, either after work during the weekdays or on the weekends. I also try to keep my 15-20 minutes simple aerobics/weight lifting sessions at home as much as I can...
And this is not because I want to become super skinny depicted by today's society as "beautiful" but I want to maintain a healthy weight and size for my height and age.. I see the importance of that now more than ever, because unlike before my early thirties, now I can't eat and eat as much as I want to and still keep a slim size.. I have to work for it to stay. haha
Regular exercise matched with balanced eating also keep my immune and digestive systems in balance and they help me not to feel so groggy and moody after a long mind-exhausting day at my office job.. and yes, I almost forgot to mention that I sit all day long at my office desk with paperwork so regular exercise is a must to make up for those long hours of immobility. (**on a side note, I take the stairs all the way up to the 3rd floor where I work, every morning..)
But I must admit, there are a lot of times when I just don't feel like lifting a finger.. I slack off.. like recently! haha.
That's why I'm really happy that I received this amazing gift from Glitteractive, not just to add to my current collection, but to serve as a motivation for me to keep being active!
Browsing on their site recently, I also found these 2 items that totally fit my style and personality...
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This collaboration with did not only remind me of the importance of feeling good about one's self by getting fit and doing so glamorously, but also opened up a way to meet a wonderful woman who founded this brand.
On my recent chat with Ms Erin, I asked her about her story and the journey behind creating Glitteractive.
Here is what she stated:
"I started Glitteractive in October of 2016 so we are officially a year old. I decided to get real about my fitness and health in general. I've never been really out of shape, but not necessarily in great shape either. I'm in my mid-thirties and I'm a mom, so I felt like now was the time to really challenge my body and see what it could do. I also wanted to look HOT! I used to be a fashionista when I was younger and worked outside of the home. But now as a SAHM being comfortable rules the day. I was spending time carting kids off to school, hitting the gym, then the grocery store, then a quick vacuum or mopping of floors etc., it made no sense to be walking around in frilly dresses or heels. Even jeans weren't comfortable for my lifestyle. As I began toning and strengthening my body, I was challenged to run a Spartan Race. It's an obstacle course race that requires strength and endurance. I'm not someone who likes to run, EVER, so this was a big deal when I completed my first one. I've done 2 other races since.

When you start a fitness challenge/journey and see your body transform in front of your eyes and you see how strong you are, it makes you want to show off. Since I was always into fashion, I knew that I didn't like boring activewear. Basic black leggings are not me. I like vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. I like it when I get a compliment and someone wants to know where I got my leggings because they are cool! Glitteractive is for women who like to stand out."

Thanks again for your gift and I wish your brand success!

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Thank you again for reading....
I'm overwhelmed with all the reads on my recent posts (according to Blogger stats) and I'm very thankful to you (everyone) who keep supporting my blogging journey!

Don't hesitate to comment on your thoughts about this Glitteractive fitness outfit. Also, share your personal fitness regimen that could help me or anyone else to stay active and fit! Thanks in advance!
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Much love, Christie


  1. Omg! Sexy mo girl ♥ Haha sana hindi din ako tamad sa pag wowork out :( Btw, and cute ng workout clothes! Especially nung leggings, nakakasexy lalo. Hihi! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  2. Haha seksik girl but thanks!.... oo wag ka rin tamarin magwork out, andaling tamarin ang hirap mag get back into track! Lol.
    And yes, nakakasexy talaga yung leggings kulay palang plus yung design, extra slimming talaga hehe.