STYLE | What I look for when buying FALL boots! (featuring my Rosegal Wishlist)

***Dress is from Rosegal.

Fall outfits are not complete without boots!
Ankle boots, booties, peep toe booties, classic riding boots, chelsea boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, knee high boots - you name it! Did I miss something??.. I bet I did!
But you get the point, there are so many different types of boots that allow every fashionista to create fun outfits for fall season...

Personally, I follow 1 shopping rule for boots, that is: "One pair of boots is a must per year!" lol. I try, but not necessarily!
Am I wearing a new pair of boots then for this season?...
Not really... I haven't bought one yet for this year..
I've have had these ones I'm wearing in the photos for 5 years now! Yes, 5 long years. And they're one of my favourites! It's not branded, but it's made with genuine italian leather that I bought in Bologna Italy last 2012.

This pair describes what I look for when buying a pair of boots:
  • Material - it doesn't necessarily have to be genuine leather, but should be one that can withstand time and wear/tear for the boots to last me for a while.
  • Style - versatility in style is a must, so it can be timeless and effortless to match with varying outfits.
  • Comfort - it needs to hug my legs and feet comfortably; it needs to keep my feet/leg warm, and be flexible! I hate hard and stiff boots.
  • Price - it doesn't have to be branded and overpriced to be the perfect pair; the price should be reasonable for its material, style and comfort all together.
Over the years, I notice that I personally am collecting the similar basic kind of boots, just like the one I have on, in the photos - close to the knee high or ankle high, plain in color, leather or moccasin, and very low heels!
It does get boring, right?!... haha.

Nowadays, printed or patterned ankle high and heeled booties are so in! Whenever I see bloggers' photos with them I literally say "Wow! Those look cute on them!" and then I also murmur "I bet I wouldn't look good on those!" - And that's mainly because I hate my calves!
But oh well, I guess I have to love what I have and just flaunt them with these kind of boots! Who's with me?? haha

Here are a few of printed/patterned ankle high and heeled boots that I saw on
***Check them out by clicking on the "links" below the images:

These two are just so pretty! They will look stunning both with jeans, dress or skirt. Their flowery patterns are surely eye-catching but not so overwhelming. Their heels are just perfect - not too high, not too low. And the base color - black - makes the pattern's colors stands out!
I'm sure excited to try pulling off these ones, can't you tell?..

These two are more on the edgy/adventurous side to pull off, for me. I could see me wearing the checkered one with black leggings, black tight jeans or black dress... (Did I say black too much?..haha) While the suede heeled green/grey boots is on the "max high-heel" side for me.. (You can tell I'm already complaining..) That I think I can pull off with my basic jeans or dressy outfit, but compromising my usual sense of comfort with lower heeled boots..

Writing this wishlist is a great way of telling myself to get out of my comfort zone and try new styles.
Will it work?... The only way to find out is when I actually start doing it! So, stay tuned to the upcoming posts if I did accomplished this goal. lol

What do you think about my boots picks?
Have you incorporated these kinds of boots in your #ootd already?
Any tips that you can share when styling them?
Feel free to comments your thoughts! is having great, great sales throughout the month of December that are worthy of checking!
Go to their website and start browsing and shopping!...
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Thanks for reading and until the next post again!

Much love, Christie


  1. Ganda ganda naman, Ate!! Love the background rin <3

  2. Thanks ganda!… Fall season is a beautiful background.. hehehe