STYLE | Coloring my Spring 2018 with lots of pastel hues!

**Featured dungarees are from Lucy and Yak
**Featured moccasins are from Lamo Footwear

The month of March officially started and that means only one thing for me - Spring has arrived!
And thanks to the California weather, spring's mild chilly/warm temps are already in the air even before spring's official start date - March 20th..
This plainly means, more sunny days are up! Trees start to fill their branches with leaves again.. Beautiful and colorful flowers are to blossom!
Therefore making way to colorful and bright outfits to flaunt...
My original plan was to have a spring themed photoshoot at one of the almond trees farms around where I live, but sadly it was not fulfilled at this time, so I had to choose a more plain background - the blogger's fave - the famous brick wall! lol.
It did work out perfectly anyhow, because now the focus is driven directly on the outfits rather than the backdrop.

So, I decided that my Spring 2018 will be filled with pastel colors! Just the word "pastel" itself already is making me smile.... Who doesn't love soft, delicate, & subtle colors?...
They're not just easy on the eyes, but to me personally, they're refreshing...
They actually remind me of a cotton candy- soft, sweet, & light!

And speaking of cotton candy , my pastel-hued outfits last weekend made me feel like a kid again... or let's just say, way younger than my age. haha. Now that I'm writing this, I'm telling myself "I should have had cotton candy as a prop in the photoshoot!" (smh)
In one day, I swapped and played with 2 sets of outfits - my lovely Lucy and Yak corduroys matched with my cute Lamo Footwear moccasins.

First, my corduroys! I received The Original dungarees in steel gray and The Freyja dungaree dress in maroon from Lucy and Yak.
When I first thought of corduroy, I imagined rigid, thick and uncomfortable fabric to wear. But these dungarees are super lightweight, flexible, soft and very comfortable to wear. They on the other hand kept me warm but without being overly hot and uncomfortable.
They are 100% cotton, designed in the UK, 100% handmade and are fully adjustable.
I like how the tie-straps are really cute and functional. They can be tied in different ways, to your liking, and they hold tight, keeping the dungarees in place.

I also love the large 2 side pockets and 1 front pocket. For me, they add to the overall style of the dungarees and not only that, they are very useful if you don't feel like carrying a purse for your phone, wallet or keys.
I have both dungarees in size Small and they perfectly fit. Although I appear quite petite, I have areas where I get problems on when ordering clothes in size small running too tight, but these dungarees were not tight or body hugging at all and gave that right amount of looseness for comfort and extra style. Lucy and Yak has their sizing options here.
Lucy and Yak's delivery/shipping was fast. I am based in the US and the package coming from the UK took less than a week. Click this link to see their European, UK and International shipping guide.

To know more about Lucy and Yak 's FAQS, Returns policy, and Ethics & Story, click the linked words to be directed to the appropriate pages.

Now my cute and comfy moccasins! I received the Sabrina moccasins in pink/white and striped blue from Lamo Footwear.

Did I exclaimed enough how cute they are?.. Yes, they really are! They're so spring-themed mocs!
They are very light and comfortable on the feet, having enough cushion on the insoles and soft linings. The outsole is made of plastic that has good outer grip and good amount of thickness for support and extra comfort. They're a little loose on my feet because I have very skinny ones but they're perfectly fine. I didn't have any blister or pain on my first time wearing them, all day walking around. Lamo Footwear products are made of authentic sheepskin that provides the perfect mix of warmth & comfort for the feet.
Lamo Footwear ships worldwide and delivery can vary in time depending on locations. My package came after 2 days of confirming the shipment with the company PR agent. To know more about their shipping and delivery information, click this link.
When getting these dungarees and moccasins arranged from their company's respective PR agents, I didn't really think of matching them as you can see on the photos.
But their pastel colors perfectly complimented each other, so I thought, why not go all the way with pastel hues from head to toe, right?... and obviously, it wasn't a bad idea!

It was indeed a lovely and colorful day..
Check out  Lucy and Yak's and Lamo Footwear's websites to shop these outfits I mixed and matched together and browse their other cool & trendy selection of dungarees & shoes!
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Happy Spring everyone!
Let's fill this season with colors..
Thanks again for reading.

Much love, Christie

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