TRAVEL | What to eat in Bologna - Italy's Food Capital City

I'm originally from Italy's capital city of food - Bologna. Although I clearly remember it being already abundant with various kinds of food and places to eat at over 10 years ago, I really didn't imagine that its food industry will have greatly developed and expanded like to how it is now.
From its original masterpieces of pasta, tortellini, pizza, lasagna, prosciutto, salame, gelato & caffe', Bologna over the years has embraced new ways to perfect their cuisine and dishes while maintaining their original and authentic flavors, as well as infusing some foreign tastes.
Restaurants with amazing food can be found like scattered jewels all over this beautiful city. One of my favorite areas to stroll through whenever I want to eat is around the city center - Piazza Maggiore.

Cafes, restaurants and bars are lined up one after the other in the streets of Via Clavature, Via Pescherie Vecchie, Via degli Orifici, Via Drapperie, Via Caprarie, Via dei Giudei & Via de' Fusari.
These food streets offer places to experience great pastries, coffee, cured meats, wine, gelato, pasta, pizza and even burger. Walking through these streets feels like being in the Italian food-land!
Here's a list of places I ate at in May 2018 when I last visited Bologna; my usual faves and a few are newly discovered ones:

Breakfast | Brunch
Although I always say that I am not a breakfast person, I eventually realized that my favorite part of the day is "brunch".

It's a café with everything you need to start a day right! Pappare' serves quality coffee (traditional & blended), pastries/croissants, toasts, pancakes, cereals, fruits, breakfast plates & bowls, soups, burgers/sandwiches and desserts.
The overall atmosphere of the place is really nice and appealing, though it gets really busy almost anytime during the day and especially on the weekends.
Their service is great and the staff are friendly. The prices are reasonable.
I personally love their cold brew coffee with chocolate ice cubes, the green hills pancakes with pistachio nuts and pistachio cream, the acai bowl and the American breakfast.
To check out the menu of Pappare', click this link.

This place is one of those close to my heart and one of my top usual spots to go to. Authentic Italian coffee and pastries are all in here. I love their briosche al pistachio (croissant filled with pistachio cream) and their traditional cappuccino. It may seem one of those very simple cafes from the outside that somebody can just pass by and not even care much of, but once you get inside the café you'd thank yourself for even just entering and get to experience every bit that this café can offer.
Check out more about this cafe here.

When I say lunch or dinner while in Bologna, all I could think of are pasta, pizza and seafood!

The flavors of Neapolitan cuisine are all here, from their pasta, pizza, meats to seafood dishes.
I enjoyed the La Frittura dello Chef with fried prawn, shrimp, calamari and vegetables, also the Scialatielli al Sapporo di mare - a short thick fettuccini-like pasta with mixed seafood, calamari, crustaceans and tomatoes. Both dishes looked so simple yet so tasty with fresh flavors and right seasonings. The restaurant is very clean, nicely decorated and has a relaxed atmosphere. I was also delighted to have been able to eat at their outdoor seating area - feeling that Italian fine-outdoor/street dining experience. Although I haven't tried their Neapolitan pizza yet, I heard great feedback about it, so it'll be a must try the next time I visit.
Click here to check their menu.

I go here to experience traditional Bolognese pasta. Addesso Pasta have an exquisite selection of fresh and simply delicious pasta dishes that can be ordered in small, medium or large portions.
My favorites are the Gramigna con salsiccia that is shaped or curled pasta with Italian sausages fresh onions, tomato sauce and fresh cream; and the Strichetti alla Bolognese - bowtie pasta with shallots, prosciutto crudo or ham, peas, oil & butter.
They also serve a must try seafood pasta dish - the Spaghetti allo Scoglio, pasta with lobster, prawns, shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, pepper and tomato sauce.
The restaurant is 3 stories high and I personally love eating at the top floor overlooking the piazza maggiore area.
Check out this amazing place's menu here.

Any seafood cravings will be satisfied by this restaurant! Their generous portions of grilled and/or fried fish, squid, octopus, home made pasta, great desserts selection & ice cream/gelato, make this place a foodie-heaven!
I always enjoy the Gran Fritto di Pesce dell'Adriatico - fried mixture of seafood, as appetizer/starter followed by either the Spiedini di calamari e gamberi - calamari and shrimp skewer, or Tagliolini al ragu bianco di pesce - pasta with white seafood sauce. Their dishes make you feel like you're enjoying these meals right infront of the beach or the ocean.
The restaurant's interior and exterior décor plus set up are so calming and relaxing. It is also a very romantic restaurant combining both the traditional feel of an Italian tavern with modern minimalist touches.
Discover this amazing restaurant by clicking here.

When on vacation, I never say I'm too full for snacks or desserts!

A slice of pizza as a snack is the best while in Italy!
And Altero pizza will always be my best option for a delightful pizza snack, where delicious traditional Italian pizza by slice are sold in very affordable prices. (1.50 euros to 2 euros per slice, or $2.50 converted in dollars)
My all time favorites are the classic Pizza Margherita, Pizza ai Funghi(mushrooms) & Pizza alla Salsiccia(sausage).
This place really gets crowded during peak hours like lunch time or around 3pm for snack time, and there's no room to sit or hang around much, so it's always a quick grab and go kind whenever we stop by and eat the pizza while walking around or eat at a nearby park or plaza.
Click this link to see more about Altero Pizza.

Gelato and chocolates are always good together!
There are so many gelaterias / gelato shops  in this city but by far, this is on my top favorites! Venchi chocolate uses high quality and natural ingredients for their artisan gelato and chocolates, that are undeniably loved by both adults and children.
Their gelato flavors are so smooth, creamy and with just the right amount of sweetness, which is also applied to their chocolates.
My favorite flavors are always the Fior di Latte(soft cream of milk), Pistachio & Nutella.
This gelateria also has a warm & friendly atmosphere inside where anyone can enjoy and relax while licking their gelatos!
Drool over Venchi's fairytale of gelato and their ingredients by clicking here and their chocolates here.

Bella Vita is a small wine bar in the heart of Bologna serving great wines in affordable prices and snacks like mini sandwiches and Italian cured meats and cheeses.
I love how creative and beautiful are the wine wooden barrels used as tables at their outdoor seating area.
Vita e' bella! - Life is beautiful indeed!
Check out Bella Vita's facebook account on this link.

Other cuisines that every tourist will love as much as the residents do:

Well Done burger serves gourmet Italian hamburgers made with the finest Italian flours for their bread, locally selected meat and cheeses, and also fresh in season vegetables.
That's why I call their burgers the "fancy & organic Italian burgers!", tasting so fresh, delicious and heartwarming. These burgers are not your typical fast food burgers.
My favorite is their Classic cheese burger gourmet!
Well Done also serves vegetarian and vegan burgers that are worth trying.
Click this link to check this place out.

If you feel like getting stuffed with great Brazilian meats and vegetables, this is the place to go!
Your 34 euros will get you unlimited portions of La Mulata's 15 cuts of different cooked meats served on the traditional sword, unlimited vegetables, salads, other traditional Brazilian dishes, home made bread and the famous grilled pineapple served skewered, accompanied by water, 1 lt of wine or beer, or coffee.
The service in La Mulata is so great that the meat delivery in your table seems unending. My fave among their meats are the Costelinha (pork spare ribs), Picanha (beef sirloin cap) and the Maminha(bottom sirloin). The salad bar is incredibly filled with so many colorful and tasty fruits and vegetables dishes (that I wish I can name all for you to know....) One brazilian side dish that stood out to me was a stew with octopus, peas and light tomato sauce.
The restaurant itself is very clean, and has a very pleasant ambiance, both for small and/or large groups.
It's worth every penny to dine here. To check their menu, click this link.

And for the grand finale:
The largest Agri-Food Park is located in Bologna, Italy and I was so happy to be able to visit it.
This is like a Food-Disneyland dedicated to foodies!
Fico Eataly has many restaurants that serve all kinds of Italian cuisines, varying from one city or region to another. Fico's kiosks serve the best of Italian street-food. The factorie's kiosks sell products straight from the best Italian producers! and ofcourse, the bars and cafes are serving Italian coffees and/or cocktails.
I enjoyed my first truffle pasta at Locanda Dell'Uovo for 15.50 euros - that's incredibly cheap for a very expensive and quality dish!
This place is so huge that shops like bookstores, flowershops, cosmetic shops, a greenhouse, fruits & veggies shop are also here!
Fico Eataly also has unique spaces available to host business meetings, events and conferences.
On top of all there, Fico Eataly also has a farm for fruit/vegetable growing and animal breeding! Yes, how crazy is that?! I was blown away! And believe it or not, entrance is "FREE", all you need to pay is parking, that is even dirt cheap!
Explore Fico Eataly's restaurants by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoyed reading this simple food journey of mine... Italy is simply beautiful, not just because of its beautiful architecture and landscapes but also with all the incredible types of food this country offers!
So next time you visit Italy, make sure to include Bologna on your "to visit list" and you surely won't get disappointed.

Thanks for reading!

Much love, Christie


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