TRAVEL | One Colorful Day on the Beautiful Island of Burano (and travel tips)

**Featured sandals are from Miloli Shoes
**Featured bag is from Modaluxe

Have you stumbled upon those photos of beautiful, bright and colorful painted houses lined up all together with their reflection on canal waters when browsing the internet? And your instant thought upon looking at them is "Oh that's Venice."?
If yes, that's great, but in actuality, most of those photos are not taken from Venice, but one of its surrounding islands - most particularly Burano island.
Burano is known as the rainbow island due to its colorful fishermen houses. It is evenly famous with the other surrounding islands around Venice - which are Murano and Torcello islands.
When I visited Italy last May, I purposely wanted to see Burano in particular. I skipped Venice along the way because I've seen it multiple times. But don't get me wrong; Venice is unexplainably beautiful and is one of my favorite places in Italy - it's a must-must see when you are there!
Just make sure to add Burano on your list next to Venice - these two islands will surely enchant your mind...
Coming from Bologna, we took the Freccia Rossa high-speed train going to Venice around 8am and arrived in Venezia Santa Lucia train station a little before 10am.
From there we walked to the ACTV lines(Venetian public transport company) that is right infront of the train station, bought our tickets, and boarded the line 3 ferry (Murano direct).
The ferry stopped in Murano island (Murano Faro) and we walked a bit to the line #12 boarding and took another ferry to Burano island.
The ticket for 24hours tourist travel card all around Venice costs 20 euros per person, which is very cheap and convenient way to see Venice and islands surrounding it.
The whole (one way) ferry trip from Venice to Burano, with waiting in line and walking already included was about a little over an hour. The ride was beautiful and calm. I was with my sister, her husband and my 4 years old niece on this trip, and the ferry ride was family/kid friendly.

Upon arriving at the Burano ferry station, I noticed that all tourists went straight forward to Viale Marcello, so I decided to go to the left of Fondamenta dei Squeri to avoid the crowd, then turned right to Calle dei Squeri. It was definitely a good idea because we got to see so many beautiful houses all to ourselves to take pictures of, like the images below:
We walked in and out different tiny streets and eventually got to Fondamenta S. Mauro where we crossed the bridge by Embarcadero and went straight walking again on Fondamenta degli Assassini to Via Baldassarre Galuppi to reach Burano's main center plaza, The Galuppi Square.
And seriously, there is not an ugly sight or corner around this island. Although it  is a very famous place for tourists, it is not as crowded as it is in Venice. A tourist like me can actually enjoy sightseeing, taking photos and even shopping without too many of a crowd to compete with.
The main street to the Galuppi Square was filled with restaurants, cafes and small local shops. Unlike Venice, I personally believe that Burano offers more local and more variety of fresh seafood dishes. For lunch, we didn't really plan to specifically eat at a certain place and just browsed and picked from the restaurants around and nearby the square - and chose a Michelin starred restaurant, the Trattoria da Romano! It is famous for its risotto but we enjoyed our order of Frutti di mare pasta, Octopus pasta, Fried seafood and Pasta al Ragu for the baby..
Right after lunch, we walked back on Via Baldassarre Galuppi all the way to the famous love viewing bridge, to reach the other side of the island. We stopped to take photos on the bridge, which I think where the most people was at.
And from there, we just kept on walking and enjoying all the colorful houses around us and the ocean on the other side of the island. We took our time walking and taking photos so the whole journey was relaxing. We even stopped by a cute small pizza café and bought some drinks since it got quite warm towards the afternoon. We then reached Centro Studi Torcellani that is already nearby our ferry terminal, where we stayed and sat around as we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before heading back to Murano then Venice train station.

Here's a list of my personal tips when travelling to Burano from Venice for a day:
  • Wear comfortable shoes for lots of walking and some uneven grounds, plus to be safe and to keep your balance during ferry/boat rides
  • Bring comfortable, spacious and easy to carry and access travel bag for your essentials
  • Bring your own bottle of drinks/water with snacks that you can enjoy while walking around and while not ready yet for that sitdown meal in a restaurant
  • Travel to Burano in Spring time to enjoy the beautiful sunny days without getting sun burnt or getting too cold. It is also less packed with tourists that time.
  • If you travel to Burano in summertime, make sure to bring a hat or an umbrella and wear sunscreen because the sun can be quite damaging and the weather is really warm & humid
  • If you are craving more authentic, local and fresh seafood dishes, try the restaurants in Burano more than the ones in Venice
  • Make sure your camera/phone is charged or bring extra batteries, to be able to capture all the beauty surrounding you while on the island
With me on that colorful day was my blush Liberty bag from Modaluxe and my super cute Charlotte pair of sandals from Miloli Shoes.
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I really hope you liked this article about my Burano trip and I also want to say that I sincerely am grateful for your continuing support to my blogging!
Until the next adventure..

Much love, Christie


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