LIFESTYLE | How to be content? Find out 4 easy tips on how to feel contentment

Famous still stands is the phrase saying "One will never be content in life" which many people agree with. Our natural tendencies to be selfish and greedy, plus the extravagant society and lifestyle surrounding us are just a few of the many factors that contribute and lead to the feeling of discontentment.
So is it really even possible to be content?
Although I myself struggle to do so at times, I find some ways to do and remind myself in order to feel that way. I'd like to share them with you on this blogpost and see if they'd work for you as well.
4 Easy TIPS to be content:
To be content means to be happy and satisfied. So ask yourself, "What is it that make me truly happy?" A lot of money? a fancy house? a collection of cars? a luxurious career? a family? good health? to be single? to travel?
The answer lies on you... but remember, it must be the one that "truly" makes you happy, not because you just want it, or because somebody else has it.
Many are advised "You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you work hard and do not limit yourself to meet your goals!" - which is true! But are you also taking into consideration how much time you are or you already have been putting in attaining a goal or goals that perhaps is causing you to miss the real achievement already set infront of you that can actually make you happy and satisfied?
Lost and even wasted time can never be returned and often results to disappointment but wisely used and enjoyed time while reaching reasonable and attainable goals brings satisfaction.
This seem quite impossible nowadays, and believe me, I personally think it is very difficult to do. But comparing yourself with other people's accomplishments and possessions usually leads you to thinking that you and your life are lacking something that you actually don't.
Genuinely cheering on other's accomplishments will not only make you feel better and happy but can also motivate you to do and try something new that can either better your current circumstances or make you feel not left out, but without the distress of competing with everyone else.
Many think that a simplified life means a boring, unambitious, lacking of adventure and even unstable way of living but it is not. It is simply living a life that meets our daily needs and reasonable wants while avoiding on accumulating or aimlessly wandering for the "unnecessary" things.
Remember the first bullet point.
These are not perfect and absolute solutions for one to be fully content in life, but I hope one or a few can help you too as much as they do to me.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know if topics like this interest you and if you'd like me to post more about..

Much love, Christie


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