Motherhood diary | 1st Trimester of a First-Time-Mom-To-Be

The big secret is finally revealed!
Yes, I'm 19 weeks pregnant... Family, friends, co-workers and practically everyone around me are so happy and thrilled with the news!
My husband and I are ofcourse over the moon thinking that in just a few months, we'd be welcoming a little one to complete our family..
But with the happiness and excitement also come challenges and fears... And I will be sharing them all to you on this post.
First of all came the challenge of "accepting the fact that I am pregnant". Yes, it wasn't planned. We were surprised but not really thrilled at first. It took sometime for me personally to finally accept it... I cried.. Yes, I cried for days and nights.
That's because of my personal fear of being able to face all the changes and responsibilities that come with bearing and raising a child.. I felt like I'm not ready and that I will never be ready...
Lots of prayers to Jehovah God helped me to calm myself and talking to family and friends also helped me to give myself a chance and see that I can do this - just like any mothers out there!
Next came the physical challenges, such as "morning sickness and associated body changes." Being pregnant for the first 3 months has been very difficult for me.. Infact, I consider it the most strange 3 months of my life! With my body preparing itself of supporting the new life inside me plus my own and all the hormonal changes going on inside of me, have really worn me out!
My morning sickness was not only in the mornings, but anytime all day! I was always nauseous. I want to eat because I feel hungry but I couldn't just eat without throwing it all up afterwards... I was always extremely tired and sleepy! I'm always needing to take nap breaks at work and at home after work. It's been so hard to wake up early in the mornings. I literally had no energy to do anything! Headaches and migraines also visited me a lot making it so difficult to go to work and even do my daily activities.. Then breast tenderness and increased urge to urinate also came to play..
I already have occasional hormonal acne but ever since I found out that I'm pregnant, more acne has troubled me.. So yes, 3+ months of feeling tired, nauseous and ugly! lol
And with all these crazy changes happening, yes I can definitely admit to having severe mood swings almost every single day...
So then ofcourse comes the emotional distress of questioning myself "What did I get myself into? And again accompanied by the fear of being able to get through this period of my life successfully.
I definitely feel bad for my husband who had to go through this crazy time with me, but I'm so thankful of how loving and supportive he has been throughout this whole time...
What an experience you may say or how unfortunate you may even exclaim, because not all pregnant women has gone through all of these. It is proven that only a small percentage of pregnant women suffer ALL of the symptoms I just mentioned and went through. And my sister is a living proof that she's part of the those women who did not!
So to sum it all up, here's a simplified list new moms-to-be should expect when on the 1st trimester of pregnancy (if they fall on the same category as I do):
  • Morning sickness (nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to food and smell)
  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Breast tenderness
  • Increased urine
  • Headaches/Migraines
Emotional & Psychological
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the unknown
What helped me to overcome these?
I prayed a lot. I read and researched a lot. I talked to love ones a lot. I clinged to my husband a lot more. I opened up with my obgyn about everything that I go through and I asked her all the questions I can come up with every visit.
Praying to Jehovah God calmed me and all of my emotional and psychological worries and distresses. Reading articles and researching equipped me with new knowledge and tips about healthy ways to survive or atleast ease my severe morning sickness and other physical challenges. Talking to family and friends reassured me that I am not alone on going through my pregnancy. Sticking to my husband for support has lessen all the pain and burdens I felt in me and kept my sanity.. lol.
And thankfully I have a very helpful obgyn that has been able to answer all my questions and is able to give me continuous guidance throughout this whole pregnancy.

All women are different but all women who went through pregnancy I know and believe are definitely strong! I am proud of you all and I want to be just as strong as you!
4.5 months have just passed and I am now on my 2nd trimester experiencing other and brand new symptoms..(oh my!)
And I will definitely post an article about it also later on..
Thank you for being with me on this journey!
Until the next post!

Much love, Christie

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