FOODTRIP | My Milk Tea and Boba Addiction

Who doesn't know boba milk tea drink nowadays? Both young and old from different cultures around the world are now fans of this addicting asian-of-origin drink!

What is boba? What is milk tea?

Milk tea is simply a drink made of 2 main ingredients: "milk and flavored tea".
Boba is a tapioca peal having a soft, chewy consistency similar to that of a gummy candy.

Combine milk tea and boba and you'll have the famous Boba Milk Tea drink (also called Bubble Milk Tea)!

It is said that this drink has been invented in Taichung Taiwan in the 1980's. Which then became popular in most parts of East and Southeast Asia during the 1990's. And is later well received by global consumers from Canada and the USA, specifically in areas with high asian demographics.
Also, from my recent trips to Europe, it is also well accepted and loved in that part of the world now. 

Hence, it is easy to find cafes/shops that are entirely devoted to boba milk teas nowadays.
Asian and even non-asian restaurants are serving this drink as part of their menu due to its known popularity with the public.

I've been to many of this cafes/restaurants and tried a variety of boba milk teas. But since 2015, I've found my favorite cafe serving a variety of fun, flavored and fresh boba milk teas - T4 you! which I will be talking about today.
**I won't talk about the health benefits and/or hazards of boba and/or milk tea since I am not a health expert. This post is solely for the purpose of sharing my experience and love for this drink and the fun that comes with every sip of it!

In November 2013, their store in San Leandro/San Francisco Ca area was opened. More stores in Fremont, Dublin and Palo Alto Ca were then opened in June 2014. And then extended closer to my hometown, Stockton, Tracy and Sacramento Ca area.

I love T4's milk teas among others because they use fresh & natural flavored teas as their base (NOT powder as most milk tea cafes use). They also use sugarcane extracted sugar fro sweetness that is healthier (less in calories) and more natural than any other sweeteners.
On their menu list are a ton of different flavors (hot or cold) to choose from: milk teas, lattes, smoothies, & fresh fruit based drinks.
**I have not yet tried close to 1/4 of what they have. haha!

Another reason to love this cafe is the fact that I can customize my drink's sweetness. I always get my drinks no more than 30% sweetness; this makes me taste the "tea" flavor more, over than its sweetness.

Among the toppings that you can add on the drinks are:
-Pearl / Boba (regular or mini, black or white)
-Jelly (coconut, grass, coffee, or fig)
-Sea salt cream 

My first favorite topping on my drinks is of course a given - boba! followed by grass jelly then pudding.

Here's a list of my most ordered / favorite drinks:
1.) Panda Milk Tea (with black and white boba)
2.) Mango Royal Tea - cold (with grass jelly and/or pudding)
3.) Chocolate Milk (with sea salt cream and boba)
3.) Jadeite Royal Tea - hot (with mini boba)

You can check T4's menu HERE .


**Photos are from my recent weekend visit at the T4you cafe in Stockton, Ca.
What's your favorite Boba Milk Tea cafe and flavor???

Thanks again for reading and til next time!
Have a fun summer with boba milk tea!!! 

Much love, Christie


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