My Weekend Wrant | Transitioning to a new camera - The struggle is real!

"Change is hard at the beginning. Messy in the middle. But gorgeous at the end." - Robin Sherma

I agree 100% and am in sync with this quote.
This month, I have switched to a new camera to use for my Instagram posts and Blog posts. And yes, "change" is indeed hard at first, super messy in the middle process, yet the gorgeous end result, I prayerfully hope and want to achieve the soonest!

My older camera is the mirrorless Samsung NX300m with the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens. I had it for 3 years now, accompanied me in my travels and proved to be handy and great for taking gorgeous photos.
Then again, I fell inloved with another mirrorless camera, that is fairly new in the market - the Fujifilm X-T20 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4R lens.
Compared with my Samsung NX300m, the Fujifilm X-T20 has higher megapixels(24mp)  and along with the full HD video recording capability, it shoots 4k videos. The other features of it that I also love are the different film simulation modes, the advance SR Auto modes and the advance filters.

I wouldn't talk or review this camera in so much detail on this post, because I am a "newbie" with Fujifilm. I never owned one before and I am barely learning about it right now. Rather, I will talk about "my struggle" of making it work properly and my complaints. haha

But first, why buy another mirrorless camera and not just upgrade to a DSLR? you may ask.
Well compared with DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras are:
-not too bulky and not too heavy
-less complicated / easier to set up and operate
-have great auto-mode filters
-are cheaper
-do not compromise the chic look
AND they're almost the same way as DSLR cameras in producing amazing photographs and videos (with RAW capability), and that are sometimes even better!

I would describe myself as "impatient" when it comes to a change but at the same time "determined" when I set a goal to overcome and perfect it.
So, ofcourse the impatient side of me kicked in first, on the day I received the camera in the mail.
I was already complaining on how tiny the camera's grip area is, which makes it easier to drop it when not held properly with one hand, or better say, the need to hold it with 2 hands when shooting is  a must! I also find the shutter button so tiny - tinier than the usual camera shutter buttons, making it hard to locate it or even to press it. And, there are just so many buttons to remember and to set, for a specific type/style of photography to be achieved. My head was already spinning just thinking about it.....

But I am determined to make this camera work to meet my needs and expectations, and to love it. So, I took the manual, started reading it and wrote notes about the different shooting modes set up; what the buttons are for and get familiarized where they are located.

I'm a pretty much "automatic mode" kind of a photographer matched with my so-called skills in editing.
So, firstly I focused on shooting modes "P"(Program) and '"Auto".
With my notes on hand and playing with the camera itself, here are my favorite "amateur" set up so far:

"P" Mode (Program AE) - Shutter Speed A(Auto) - Drive Mode S(Single Frame) - Focus Mode S(Single AF) - Aperture A(Auto) - with Film Simulation ASTIA(Soft) or VELVIA(Vivid).

Auto Mode - Advance SR Auto - Portrait Enhancer scene - Shutter speed A(Auto) - Drive Mode S(Single frame) - Focus Mode S(Single AF) - Aperture A(Auto) - with Advance filter of HIGH-KEY(bright).

So far, I'm having trouble with the camera's auto focus. It changes focus too much even though the same subject and the same background are photographed with the same shooting mode and same shooting distance. I googled it and other customers are also having the same problem.. I hope that it's not something serious that needs to be fixed by the manufacturer but something I can learn to configure myself and work as I continue to use it.

Last weekend, I tried doing a mini photoshoot in my living room and the camera did not disappoint.
The photos came out sharp in details, soft in colors but at the same time vivid enough to soothe the eyes, despite only with the aide of natural light from the window. I used the filter effect High Key under Auto SR / Photo Enhancer mode..

Here are the photos:

There are lots of things to learn about this camera... It's not as easy as I've expected... I hope I don't tire out and give up on it but to embrace the challenge to be able to fully utilize  it's capacities and produce amazing photographs. The journey ahead is sure exciting!

What camera do you currently use? Any tips that you can share with me?
Or are you also thinking of switching to a new camera?
Let me know through your comments and don't forget to mention you blog's link as well so I can check it also...

Thanks again for reading!

Much love, Christie

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