#KoreanSkincareSeries: Oh my Acne Battle! Part 2 | Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Essence

Hello again, I hope everyone's having a great summer so far, while taking care of your skin and keeping it beautiful...

As for me, my skin has been pretty cooperative with my skincare regimen, although still having those "awful days" dealing with zits.. haha.

So, here's the second part of my Acne Battle #KoreanSkincareSeries post and I'll be sharing my favorite and regular skincare products for cleansing, toning, peeling and moisturizing..


STYLE | Create New Outfits while Saving Money: How I do it!

"It's not the price tag, the brand or whether it's in or not that makes an outfit stand-out and beautiful, it's how you carry it…" 

This passed weekend, people were telling me "I love your outfit! You always have brand new outfits all the time!"

I was flattered of course, because I love dressing up and it's nice to know that others appreciate it...
But at the same time, I do want to clarify the misconception of "having brand new outfits all the time!"
Although I really wish so! haha. It's impossible, because I am not filthy rich to have all the money to keep buying brand new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
That's why I wrote this post to share my personal tips and tricks on how I give the impression to others that my outfits are brand new but in actuality they're not and how I save money when I shop for outfits.



I still can't believe that this blog is up and running. After a long period of second-thoughts, whether to create a blog or not, last June of this year I finally published BellAnachristie.com.

As I watch how this blog's audience keep growing, how it keeps opening new doors to meet other bloggers like me and how great opportunities to work with brands/companies keep coming along the way, I'm always left speechless (even dazed) and very much thankful ofcourse.

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