COLLABORATION | My Sassy Phone Case from MoreByNR

***This is a collaboration with MoreByNR.
Use my personal discount code "ana10" to get 10% discount on your order.
(Code is valid throughout the whole month of November 2017)

We're living in the days when phone cases are already a part of our daily style and/or outfits.
Like clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries, shopping for cute and trendy phone cases is becoming not just a "want" kind of thing but an actual need for many..(especially women)
Are you one of those who change their phone case regularly?..
Well,  I am.. haha
That's why I am so happy that recently, I was given the chance to become a promoter for an amazing brand that sells phone cases that can capture anyone's eyes and that can match anyone's sense of style, -  MoreByNR.
Last weekend, I received my free iPhone case - Marble Colourful.

I love how classy it looks and how it hugs my phone perfectly. It's a hard and slim case that makes a good protection for my phone. All the buttons, the speaker, the headphone and charger slots are well exposed for easy access. Now, not only that I can't stop looking at my phone screen but also cannot stop checking out how cool the back of my phone looks with this case..

MoreByNR believes how powerful diversity is, that's why they strive in showcasing products that appeal to an individual and not to the masses. MoreByNR offers what "you" want and not what others want; and gives you what "you" like, love, and find beautiful; whether you are a free-spirited woman, a classy lady, a girly girl, and/or a nerdy gal..

Here are some of the phone cases that I personally love from their current list of items:

As you can tell, I'm into patterns and colors mixed together. Click the link below the images to be directed to the website and so you can check the other cool ones MoreByNR is selling.

I also am very excited to represent MoreByNR because of their "20 cents policy". With every phone case bought, they donate 20 cents to the "Make A Wish Nederland" foundation.. That's "every single phone case" not every purchase..
The Make A Wish Nederland foundation works for children with severe, sometimes life threatening illnesses and every contribution gives them the opportunity to fulfill the dearest wish of these children.. Isn't that a very good cause?..
To read more about the Make A Wish Nederland foundation, please visit  their website.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit MoreByNR now and shop.. They offer free shipping worldwide! Shipping times can vary depending on your location.. My phone case took 14days to arrive but it was worth the wait.
MoreByNR also offers a 30days period for refund/return/exchange. To read more of their policy, click here.

I'm very much happy for my iPhone case from MoreByNR and I know you will too..
Check them out and give them some love.
Instagram: @morebynr
Facebook: MorebyNR FB Page

If you follow me on my Instagram account, you'll see posts of any upcoming cases that I will receive from them and more updates on their sales/new arrivals.

Thank you again for reading and feel free to comment your thoughts, follow my blog or show some love by sharing it.

Much love, Christie


  1. OMG, your phone case looks lovely, Ate!! Super classy and elegant n'ya :)

    Amielle |

  2. Thank you Amielle! Super cute nya talaga... super girly and classy like you said... if you’re interested on any of their items let me know, they’re in the works on creating my personal coupon code for friends and followers to get extra discount! 🤗

  3. Omg! Super cute ng marble case! ♥ Ang gandaaaa. Want one! :)

    Anyway, have you heard about Rosegal's ongoing promos and discounts for the whole month of November? If not, you may want to check it out now! ♥ Their promo starts tomorrow, 11/11!

    Hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance