REVIEW | SenchaFit Tea - I'm inloved!

***SenchaFit tea was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

Alongside with my coffee addiction comes my love for "tea"!
A warm cup of tea brightens up my mornings, uplifts my afternoon breaks, and relaxes me before bedtime... Yes, unlike coffee, I basically can and will drink tea anytime of the day, everyday!
Which are my faves?
#1 is green tea - that's why I love matcha!
#2 are fruit flavored teas

Why do I love tea so much?
I love the aroma of freshly brewed tea... I also enjoy the warmth and feeling of relaxation sipping a cup of tea gives me whenever I drink it.. And ofcourse, teas are known for many good health benefits and some of my favorites and personally proven ones are:
-it has antioxidants
-it has less caffeine than coffee
-it helps with weight loss
-it boosts the immune system
-it soothes the digestive system
-it is calorie free
-it helps with faster recovery from cold or flu
-it helps with stress and headaches
A week ago, I was given the SenchaFit tea to try and review. I was so excited to try it!
It came in this cute small tin can with a foil zipped bag that contained the powdered tea inside.
**40g for a month of supply.

What is Sencha tea?
I was personally wondering of it too.... When I opened the zipped bag, the color of the tea powder is green and it smells just like how Matcha tea does.
But no, it's not Matcha!
SenchaFit states that although Sencha tea and Matcha tea are both types of green teas, Sencha tea is fully sun grown while Matcha tea is partially shade grown. That makes Sencha tea have higher value of vitamins, antioxidants and most importantly, EGCGs(epigallocatechin gallate).
EGCGs are a type of antioxidant called "catechin" which scientific studies link to benefits such as increase in metabolism, increase in resting calorie burn & most importantly increase body fat metabolism.
And SenchaFit promises to use the "top grade" 100% organic premium Sencha tea leaves to produce their sencha tea, so you can rest assured that their tea is packed with nutrients that meet all those health benefits that their company claim for sencha tea..
To read more about SenchaFit 's information, you can click here.
I've had SenchaFit for a week now and I'm loving it.. I drink it every morning, directly mixing 1 teaspoon of it with warm water and a small drop of honey. I also tried mixing it with my cold coconut water and milk; both ways are delightful!

The smell and taste are also very pleasant.. It smells just like Matcha tea and it doesn't taste overly bitter, not unless you use more than the recommended amount per oz of water.

**TIP: Make sure to STIR the tea powder "really well" with the liquid that you are mixing it with to avoid residue at the bottom and that overly bitter taste towards the end of your drink!
During the passed whole week of consuming the tea, I felt great, more energized than usual, and not feeling bloated at all.. (at all! how amazing!)
I didn't have the problem of rushing to the restroom either, since SenchaFit tea is not a detox or cleansing tea.. However, I did notice my metabolism going up!
I still have great appetite to eat but noticeably, my cravings for snack has slowed down...
So, I'm pretty convinced that if I match drinking this tea regularly with proper diet and exercise, I'll definitely lose some weight, which I would love to.. haha
I did not experience any allergic reactions with this tea or any other negative side effects..
My verdict?
Yes, I would recommend this product to others..
The price is reasonable = $24 for a 40g 1 month supply.
SenchaFit offers free shipping on all US orders plus a 100% money back guarantee (100% no hassle, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee).

So if you're interested, check them out at:
Instagram: @senchafit

Do you also love teas? Which ones are your favorites?
Feel free to comment on your thoughts...
Thanks again for reading and until the next post!..

Much love, Christie


  1. Too bad I'm not a fan of matcha! :( But I'm glad it worked well for you. Kaya lalong sumesexy girl ♥

    Anyway, have you heard about Rosegal's ongoing promos and discounts for the whole month of November? If not, you may want to check it out now! ♥

    Hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  2. Oo nga noh, you mentioned before na di mo masyadong feel ang matcha hehe... 😆 Kahit d man cya matcha, magkapareho sila ng amoy and lasa sis, so I think di mo nga magugustuhan tong Sencha tea... hehe... sana nga sumexy ako gaya mo,, kc ang tamad ko ng mag exercise! Haha..

    Thanks for stopping by sis! 😘