STYLE | Trendy Backpack - How to shop for one that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

 ***The featured backpack is from Monroe and Kent

I remember the days when backpacks were mainly used by students (like I used to be) to carry books and all other school supplies... Back then, your backpack was your "cool badge"... And now that I think of it, that meaning of a backpack being a "cool badge"  has extended beyond the walls of student/school life, and has penetrated into the "fashion trend" world.

I really don't remember when did backpacks exactly become fashion icons, but I do well know I first bought a stylish backpack (intended not for travelling or heavy carrying tool) back in 2014 in Paris..
That's when I can clearly remember seeing style/fashion trenders flaunting cute backpacks on magazines, tv and/or social media. From then on, I have collected 5 backpacks that I mostly carry/use instead of a purse/bag.
Many (including me) are switching or choosing backpacks over purses/bags nowadays. It's not surprising because of the valid and beneficial reasons, such as:

-There's more room in backpacks - more stuff to carry with less burden.
-It's healthier to use backpacks - mainly for our posture and spine.
-A backpack's style is versatile - it works with everything.

I recently partnered with Monroe and Kent for a year's contract to review and feature their brand.. and one of the first free items I chose to receive is the  Spanish Design Faux Leather Backpack in brown.

Material: Bag - PU Leather; Lining - Polyester
Color/s: Black, Red & Brown
Pattern Type: Solid
Season: Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter
Size/Dimensions: 17" h x 11" w x 5.1' d

I like it because it's soft, it has the right size, it's stylish and has the right weight.
The stitching is ok, but can be better.. I wish the leather material was better or thicker.
I love how the straps can be pulled up that switches the backpack into a messenger/should bag. However, the straps are little thinner/skinnier than what I've expected.... they can make it uncomfortable on the shoulders especially if the backpack gets heavy with its contents.
Both upper sides of the backpack has buttons to close/open for extra styling. There's also a secret zipped compartment on the back which I like.. The hardware is bronze toned and the zipper easily opens/closes.
Overall, it's a nice backpack to have!

Here's my personal guide on shopping for a backpack that is stylish without compromising comfort, and that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

1. Style and  Size - I mixed these two factors because I think they should go along very well. For me to have a stylish and versatile backpack, the size should never be larger than it needs to be. It should never look like a huge hiking backpack or a replacement for a carry-on suitcase. It also needs to keep a minimalism look - so, no crazy patterns or crazy color combinations!

2. Material and Straps - I know and I agree about unpadded or very thin leather straps being very stylish and tempting to buy but believe me, you'll suffer the consequences on your shoulders later on.. (Guilty me! lol) So, now I make sure that the shoulder straps are atleast padded and fairly wide for it to be comfortable to carry.. 

3. Structure - The backpack needs to be well structured for a balanced distribution of weight. I like backpacks that can stand on their own without having its material be so hard or stiff. A backpack that can lean on my back smoothly and without being too hard/stiff is always a great choice.

4. Price and brand - Unfortunately these two matter. Investing money on a brand already known in producing good quality bags/backpacks is a smart way to get a stylish, versatile and long-lasting backpack without compromising comfort.

Monroe and Kent doesn't only sell backpacks/bags. They curate new products, from clothes, bags to accessories, that launch fresh looks and trends, offering them in affordable prices.
Monroe and Kent currently ships within the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
They offer free returns, refunds and exchanges within 30days of purchase, and free delivery on orders over $50/equivalent.
For more information about this amazing company, click here.
Do visit their website and start shopping! Also don't forget to give their social media accounts some love:

Instagram: @monroeandkent

I'm a happy blogger to be able to work with this company and I'm super excited to explore more of their products!

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think about this backpack through your comments..

Much love, Christie


  1. I love it!! I love the color, as well. It's something I would use everyday :)


  2. Thank you girl... It's a very handy and useful backpack for daily use... super chic din dahil sa kulay... hehe