REVIEW | Ozalia Boots - the softest and warmest winter boots!

***The Icon Short boots were from Ozalia boots.

Everytime I feel cold, the part of my body that feels it first and the most are my "feet"... And usually, even with layered socks/leggings and with boots, they're still cold during winter season...
Perfectly, the Icon Short in black from Ozalia boots arrived in time - when my feet complains about the cold the most - December to January months!

These boots are just amazing! They make and keep my feet, and even my lower leg, so warm - even without socks! They are very comfortable to walk with, being so soft and so flexible to the feet/leg movement. I feel like I am walking on top of clouds...
The suede leather is very smooth, soft and has enough thickness. The merino wool is super plush and soft! The stitches are very detailed and sown perfectly. The metal logo at the back of the boots is glued tightly and the brand's name engravement is nicely done too.
The boots itself is very light and its flat base supports good posture and promotes good balance.
Another bonus is that these gorgeous boots came in a very luxurious velvet bag with quality tags and logo!

I wore it to San Francisco last weekend for a short photoshoot and long walks in the city and my feet were not complaining about cold or pain at all!
Ozalia boots uses 100% premium Australian Merino twin-face sheepskin - that is the finest in the world! It's hand selected and treated with water and stain resistant tech; it's 100% natural, extra plush, soft, warm and super comfortable and it naturally wicks away moisture to keep the feet dry..

Ozalia boots also uses 100% pure soft suede leather - that is durable, breathable and good looking! It's the perfect match to their sheepskin.

Ozalia boots guarantees that their boots will be the softest fleece boots you've ever owned, they're so serious about it that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy/satisfied of their boots. Click here for the steps on getting a refund and/or exchange.
Ozalia boots ships internationally with varying delivery times. To check the delivery time/period in your own country of residence, please click this link.
And like any other suede leather material shoes, proper care and cleaning are needed to keep the boots' life's longer and its quality to last. Special instructions on Ozalia boots' care and cleaning can be found by clicking here.

I am super happy with my Icon Short and I'm so thankful that I was given this gift in exchange for my honest review..
I will recommend investing on a pair of Ozalia boots! It's worth the price...
Check out Ozalia boots website and start shopping for the perfect pair of winter boots!
Aside from the Icon Short boots, they also have other different collections for women, click here to view. And for men's collections, click here.

Also make sure to check & give some love to their social media accounts:
Instagram: @ozaliaboots

        Now I can say that my feet are winter ready!!
Have you found your fave winter boots too? If so, feel free to share it in your comments...
Also, let me know what you think of this article, I'd love to read them..

Thank you for reading....
Much love, Christie

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