BLOGGING TIPS | How Do I get Clothes and other things for FREE to blog about?

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Yes, it's only been 7 months since I started blogging & I don't have tens of thousands of followers yet on my Instagram account and blog, so practically I'm still a newbie in the blogging world, but I have been receiving quite a lot of quality "blogger mails / freebies" to test and keep, to write about and to post.. So, many has been asking me "how do I do it?"

Like you, I am also still surprised and overwhelmed on how many "free gifts" just keep coming from brands over the passed few months, in exchange for my honest reviews and posts. And more than anything else, I am very much thankful and delighted that the brands/companies I have worked with and am currently working with still, are so generous not only of their products to give but most importantly of their trust and confidence to allow me to feature and market their brand in their behalf.

So then going back to the question, "How do I land collaboration projects that allow me to get free products?"
My answer: "I sell  myself".

Ok, that may sound kind of strange to some, in any way you may look or think of it, but that's the most direct and honest answer I have.
But elaborating on that statement to clear any misconception you may already have formulated or assumed, let me explain myself.. LOL
Have you been to a job interview (or any kind of interview) where one of the interviewers tells you to "sell yourself."?..
Yes??? - then that's the same concept I meant!

"I sell myself" means:

1.) I make sure that the social media accounts (my Instagram and my blog) I mainly use for blogging are "aesthetically pleasing" and "professionally looking".
I manage to achieve and keep this fact by posting high quality photos and writing interesting blog articles.
The first thing a brand/company compliments, when willing to do a collaboration project with me, is how pleased they are with my Instagram and my blog 's overall look. And that's basically the main reason why they're willing to let me have their product/s for free, so it can be featured on my social media accounts.
That ofcourse makes sense, because who would want to work with a blogger, looking sloppy and unorganized on her work of art, right?

What are my main tools - you may ask.
-My mirrorless Fujifilm XT20 camera, photo editing apps (to edit photos and apply the same filter on all of them) and my blogging notepad for constant research and writing..

**Note: Editing and applying a filter on photos are great ways for enhancement and beautification, but I also make sure that the final images still look realistic at the end.)

2.) I use the direct approach of contacting the brands/companies I would like to work with.
I do so by searching for brands or products that I would personally want to review, feature & represent. Then by sending my personally made email template - that I must have revised a thousand times - to meet that ideal blogger collaboration email inquiry or request.
What is it, you may ask - it's like a short resume - a blogger's resume - that has my name, my social media links, a few facts about myself and what I do and ofcourse the reason behind my wanting to work/collaborate with a brand/company.

**Note: It's very important to send the email to the right department or contact person (PR) so the message gets through successfully..
The result? - I get a response 90% of the time...
For newbies like me, I find more positive response from local and start up brands...

3.) I set my schedule and meet my deadline all the time.
What does it mean?
Both on my Instagram and my blog , I set the days to post photos and articles. I make sure that the brands whom I collaborate with are made aware of that set schedule and deadline. Then most importantly do all that I can to keep and meet them as promised.
This assures the brands/companies that I will really post their products, and also shows professionalism as a blogger on my part.
This also helps the consistent flow on my Instagram feed that adds to it being pleasing in the eyes..

**Note: Good time management, planning and organization are a must! And personally, I keep a calendar/journal dedicated only for blogging.

Applying these 3 ways have helped me a lot on successfully landing blogger collaborations. I know they're very basic & most bloggers most likely are already doing them, so they are no longer secrets, but I shared them to show that with my own personal twists, these basic/common ways can be effective for newbie bloggers out there like myself.
Do I always get a "YES" response to my inquiries or do I always get automatic collaboration offers from brands/companies just by applying these steps? The answer is "ofcourse NOT." I wish! LOL. I had many "No, thank you" responses, mainly due to my "low" number of following on Instagram, according to their requirements..

But with hard work, consistency and passion combining all these steps and more other ways that I continue to learn as I go forward in this blogging field, success can be reached!

**Note: I am also signed up and actively participating in various influencer programs such as Influenster , Heartbeat , and Revfluence . On these platforms, I am sent different products and/or brand campaign offers that I can choose to take on or not to. I make sure I limit myself to sign up or accept only those campaigns or products that I really want to participate with or to receive; and not just to receive them as freebies to post about...

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Much love, Christie