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***The featured mattress is from Nectar Sleep.

My largest blogger mail so far came in the mail.
It's 54 inches wide, 75 inches long and 11 inches thick. Any guess on what it is?

"A mattress, indeed!" I received a full size mattress with 2 matching pillows for free from Nectar in exchange for my honest review.

It came at a perfect time because my husband and I just moved to a new place, and a brand new mattress surely is a perfect housewarming gift.
Without further adieu, here are my first impressions of the Nectar Sleep mattress:
  • Shipping was very fast and convenient: It was delivered right to my door after 2 days of shipment confirmation.
  • Packaging was very well-thought of for the overall protection of the mattress: The mattress came in a four layered wrap. First, the outer durable and thick blue plastic cover. Second, the zipped gray bag. Third, a thick clear vacuum-packed plastic. Fourth, a thin film of plastic containing the mattress itself and the pillows.
  • Unboxing and setting up were very easy: It's simple and easy even a petite female can unbox and set up the mattress without help or with very minimal assistance.
  • Mattress Cover: I like the quilted foam layer and cover of the mattress. It adds beauty and uniqueness to it.
  • Plumping of the mattress was quick: After the last thin layer of plastic wrap was removed and the mattress set on flat ground, it took 15 minutes to completely plump up/expand. (so with the pillows)
  • Smell/Off gassing was quite strong: The smell of the mattress and the pillows caused by being vacuum-packed was really evident when unboxed. We had to air them out without any covering for a day.
  • Firmness and Size: On the first night using the mattress, it felt firmer than expected (so with the pillows), but it slowly contoured the body's shape, without sinking. The size is just perfect for me and my husband (our height: 5'3" & 5'8" and our weight 120 lbs & 160 lbs), it fits us both comfortably with extra room too.
  • Comfort and Temperature: It's warmer than expected (and we are not hot sleepers).
FACTS about Nectar Sleep mattress:

COVER: It is soft and is made of tencel-cotton blend. Quilted into it is a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam, that mainly helps in staying cool to defend against sleeping too hot. It's also bed bug resistant!

MIDDLE LAYERS: The middle part of the mattress consists 2 layers of 3 inches memory foam. First, the gel memory foam that distributes the body weight evenly and also relieves pressure & pain. It helps contour to the body. Second, the adaptive hi-core memory foam that acts as the transition layer between the soft upper layers before reaching the base layer below. This layer also relieves pressure and supports the body by providing rebound and bounce.

BASE LAYER: The breathable base layer is a dense poly foam. It reinforces the contouring and support layers, providing a stable and breathable foundation.

Nectar mattress only has one firmness level - medium firm. it's at a level 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
Nectar mattress's design promises better sleep. Its temperature control technology prevents overheating during sleep. Its medium firm gel memory foam provides perfect support and pressure relief. Its specially designed materials offer dust mite protection.
Nectar mattress is Certipur-US Certified, meaning NO ozone depletes, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury or lead was used in making the mattress.
Nectar mattress is delivered with convenience in mind, directly to your door and set up is super easy and only takes a few minutes.
Nectar mattress works with any bed types/frames, even just by itself on the floor.
Nectar mattress offers a 365 night sleep trial and a forever warranty with free shipping and return.
Nectar mattress prices are very affordable!
-TWIN $500 (39 in x 75 in x 11 in)
-TWIN XL $550 (39 in x 80 in x 11 in)
-FULL $700 (54 in x 75 in x 11 in)
-QUEEN $795 (60 in x 80 in x 11 in)
-KING $900 (76 in x 80 in x 11 in)
-CAL KING $900 (72 in x 80 in x 11 in)
For more detailed information/FAQs click this link.
I waited after 2 weeks to write this review to see how the bed feels overtime and so far I like it.
Both me and my husband love the medium firmness of the mattress and how it contours our body weight without sagging or sinking too deep. We like that it is not so motion sensitive, so when one of us moves the other doesn't feel it as much. The mattress size is also perfect for us.

As far as temperature control, we both find it warm/hot. That's perfect now that the weather is still chilly at night, but I am worried in the summer time... Therefore, we can't really say that Nectar's temp control technology claim is realistic.

Both of us usually complain with pain or pressure on certain sleeping positions & specific body parts (back and neck) from our last mattress, but we no longer do with our Nectar mattress.
So, the overall comfort of this mattress is really great!

The pillows are also comfortable - like the mattress they have the quilted cover and inside is a bag full of gel memory foam cuts. We both agree that the pillows are a little too plush compared to the regular gel foam pillows we had in the past. But the thankfully, the bag containing the foam cuts had a zipper, so we were able to remove some of the foam to have that perfect plushness that we like. They too contour with the head shape/weight and are not causing us any neck pain at the moment, so we're hoping it'll stay that way..

What we really didn't like was the "smell" both of the mattress and the pillows had when they freshly came out of the packaging.

Additionally, I do have high hopes on the bed-bug resistant and dust mite protection promise that Nectar claims on their mattresses.
In summary, here are my pros and cons on the Nectar mattress:


Fast delivery
Easy set up
Perfect thickness and size
Comfortably firm
Pain & pressure relief
Dust mite protection
Bed bug resistant
Affordable price
Great forever warranty
NO harmful chemicals/materials used in making the mattress


Off-gassing smell
Made in China
Warm/Hot temperature while sleeping

Will I recommend Nectar mattress to others to try and keep as a good mattress? Ofcourse.
Check out Nectar's website and social media accounts and give them some love..

Instagram: @nectarsleep
Twitter: nectarsleep
YouTube: Nectar Sleep youtube channel


Thanks again for reading and let me know through your comments what you think about this review and any questions you may have.

Much love, Christie


  1. Looks like a very comfy bed apart from the smell and warmness. Honestly don't mind a china made as long as the quality is nice. :) My husband always love it cool in our bedroom. But this would be good on winter days. And if it won't work for use, sure it will for Pinoy visitors. Hehehe. Nice review! Very informative.

  2. Yes, it is indeed a very nice bed... but yup, it's not very good for hot sleepers and during summer time lol. I'm very sure though that your Pinoy visitors will have a wonderful stay/sleep on this one...
    Thanks again sis for checking my review... lots of love!!!

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