ACCESSORY | A beautiful and timeless necklace

**The featured necklace is from Capsul Jewelry.
**The beautiful peplum dress is from Leota New York.
**The matching purse is from Foley and Corinna.
**The comfy avarca sandals are from Avarca Store.

Layering jewelries especially necklaces is so popular nowadays that I must admit, I find it so trendy and cool myself too.
Layered necklaces look so gorgeous on photos and are very Instagram worthy to post! But on this blog post, I hope to highlight a beautiful necklace on its own that I am sure will also stand out even more when worn layered with other necklaces.

I received the beautiful customized signature necklace with my name, in gold, from Capsul Jewelry as a gift in exchange for my honest review.
I decided to use their default handwriting font instead of my own, and I am so loving it!
I brought it with me on my last trip and it was a perfect accessory with my outfits (which details of it can be found at the bottom of this post.)
It has the right drop length and weight. The gold tone is great in quality and shiny. The design is timeless.
It's so simple yet so eye-catching that I simply couldn't help to notice people's eyes taking a glimpse of it and heads turning to check it out.
Capsul Jewelry aims to create custom jewelry pieces to tell a story and to relive one's most joyous life events. Capsul Jewelry celebrates life's pivotal moments with their clients by giving them a memory captured in time, encapsulated in silver, gold or rose gold; to wear each and every day.
Their modern and timeless pieces include bracelets, rings, and necklaces. They also have various ready to wear collection, and ofcourse their customed/personalized selections.
For more information on Capsul Jewelry's cancellation, refunds, order tracking, shipment times/fees, click this link..

The order process may take 2-3 weeks due to the personalization and crafting of the ordered piece. I waited that long for mine too, but it was worth the wait.
I surely love my necklace and I know I will be wearing it all the time...
If you're looking for a perfect jewelry to gift to yourself and/or a love one, I would recommend checking Capsul Jewelry's  products.

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Thanks for reading!
Much love, Christie

OUTFIT details:
**Check out Leota New York's site for the peplum dress I am wearing and more of their collection of new dresses on this link.
**For my gorgeous Harper Ring Tote, check Foley and Corrina's site here.
**Not forgetting my comfy Mibo Flatform Avarcas, see Avarca Store's site here.

Check out my ootd's accessories below through my shopstyle account:       



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