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**The featured bag is from Teddy Blake .

Out of all the bags/purses you may own, I'm sure you have that certain one that you always use - either because of its color, style or size, right?
Well, I have.... a chic yet classy, small to medium sized, black bag!
But recently, I have found the one that has those exact bag specifications which can finally replace my old, torn apart "former fave bag".. lol
9.5"H x 6.7"W x 12.5"L
Drop length: 4.5" handle
50" adjustable shoulder strap
Central compartment side zip & double side pockets
Leather strap with magnet seal
3.5" Zipper expandable side panels
Tassel accessory
Signature dust bag included
It's my second bag from Teddy Blake and like the first one, this bag is also a keeper! Its black calf skin leather is soft and exclaims quality - worked by hand in Italy! The bag is also enhanced by the soft suede panels with zipper detailing & cute tassel accessory, making it possible for the bag itself to have two different looks/styles to wear. When the side zippers are closed, and elegant square Rachel style is formed featuring a real suede interior. While with open zippers, the suede side panels show as "side wings" creating a more casual look, and the dangling tassels make it more chic! I personally love the open zippers casual look more over the other...
The side zippers are very smooth to open and close. The main body of the bag is closed by a leather strap in the middle with a magnet seal which sticks together easily and access to the bag's contents are also made easier with this set up.
The bag's hardware are good quality as well. I got the bag free of scratches and/or stains. The stitching is great. I have no complaints...
The bag's weight is light despite it being a medium sized bag... It can fit so many things - even a MacBook Air - but without creating that bulky, huge & uncomfortable feeling while wearing it, due to its very well defined structure. You may think it weighs heavy once it's filled with stuff but it doesn't feel like it so much, because of its soft but sturdy heather handles. It's perfect for workdays and going out... It's my "new to go bag" and I'm very sure it'll last me for a long, long time!

If you have read my post about my first Teddy Blake Caty Gold 12" bag, you already know that their bags are hand-crafted in Italy by Buti using quality materials. The Rachel Botalatto is also available in  size 9" . Available colors for the 12" Rachel are taupe, grey, and  vert grey.
It is priced regular at $639 and is on sale at $449.
I wore it last weekend on a datenight and perfectly matched by black bomber jacket (sponsored by

It is such a beauty that I am saddened to announce that Teddy Blake will be discontinuing the Rachel Collection this month (January 2018) so you have til the end of this month to get it for only $299.

Here's more information about Teddy Blake from my old blog post:

"Teddy Blake handbags are hand-crafted & manufactured in Italy by Buti.
Buti's making of quality women handbags dates well back in 1958 up to the present. 100% leather materials coming from the best and most experienced pelleterie in Italy are used to make these work of art handbags!
I am from Bologna Italy and know how genuine and quality leather handbags look and feel, and I tell you, Teddy Blake's claim is true!

Teddy Blake ships internationally and offers free exchange and return within 14days of purchase. For more information about Teddy Blake's handbags, their care, policies, shipping and other fun facts, please click here."

Aside from the beautiful Rachel and Emma Collection, Teddy Blake also has the Vanessa and Gala CollectionCaty Collection  and Eva Collection that are all worthy of checking and adding to your personal bag collections.
And great news it is that this coming Spring of 2018, there will be new collections of bag added to their site, so be sure to check them out!
Visit Teddy Blake's website to browse their beautiful selection of handbags and give love to their social media account also:

Instagram: @teddy_blake
Facebook: TeddyBlakeNY
Pinterest: teddyblake pins


Thanks again for reading and I hope you appreciated my review of the Rachel Botalatto in Black 12".
Let me know what you think through your comments.

Much love, Christie

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