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**The featured hair tie bracelet is from Maria Shireen
Is the weather super warm and your hair is down making you sweat more and be uncomfortable? or are you working so hard on something and your hair just keeps getting/falling on your face and eyes making you not getting anything done?
Yes?! - a hair tie is the answer!
So, you look around and/or search inside your bag for one, and there's none!
If you're like me, this is a very common scenario, where I find my hair ties always misplaced and nowhere to be seen when I need one the most! Aggravating right?! lol
That's why I was so intrigued coming across on Instagram, about a stylish bracelet with an elastic hair tie combined together as a jewelry accessory! Cool, isn't it?
A hair tie that will never be misplaced and will always be with me - as long as I wear the bracelet with it!

I recently partnered with Maria Shireen and received the beautiful Flower Design bracelet in Rose Gold tone, under their  Pure Collection.
 Description and Details:
Hair tie bracelet in .925 Sterling silver with 4k rose gold plating
Available only in the medium size
Hair tie bracelet includes a black hair tie and a luxury ribbon box
I love it! The quality of the sterling silver and the rose gold plating is flawless - no scratches, thick/not hallow and has the right weight. The medium size fits perfectly on my very skinny wrist. The simplicity of its style is sophistically gorgeous and very versatile to match any outfit. The hair tie is cute and very functional. Its quality is great also - I don't think it will snap or break easily.
And ofcourse, how cute and elegant is the luxury box, right?!
Maria Shireen  is the first and only jewelry accessory company that has combined the function of elastic hair ties with the stylish appeal of a bracelet, and the original makers of the hair tie bracelets. It's the company's mission to redefine versatile accessories for every occasion and design solutions for everyday life that complement an individual's personal style and interest.

I find this so true, now I know I'll have a hair tie whenever I need it while rocking a stylish bracelet on me at the same time. 
To read more about the story behind this company, click here.
Maria Shireen bracelets are packaged in a branded luxury box with a ribbon. Custom engraving is an available add-on option. Multiple sizing options are also available to get your bracelet in perfect fit. Various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and .925 sterling silver, along with various tones such as silver, gold, rose gold & black are all options to choose from their designs to match anybody's liking! The prices vary by collection & range from $20-$120.

I chose rose gold for my flower design bracelet and it's perfect - just what I imagined it to be. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll be seeing this bracelet often incorporated with my outfits for sure!
Do visit their website and social media accounts to give them some love and to start shopping!

Instagram: @maria_shireen
Pinterest: Maria_Shireen
Twitter: maria_shireen

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this article and/or about the bracelet.

Much love, Christie

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