FASHION | How to Style a jersey dress to get that chic laid-back look

**The featured dress is from Leota New York.
**The featured sneakers are from Rocketdog Footwear.

A universal all-time fave go-to look is the laid-back style.
That often means, a shirt/sweater with shorts or jeans and sneakers.
And anyone would agree that "comfort" is usually the main goal of this type of look or style, no matter what the season may be.
But then mix-matching those same types of pieces can get boring overtime.
So one way I spice it up without losing that comfortable/relaxed feeling but just adding flare to it, is by matching a jersey dress with sneakers.
I choose jersey dresses to pull off this kind of look most of the time because they're perfect for comfort & style at the same time. They are generally made from cotton or silk knit blended with a synthetic material, that's why they are a little stretchy and super comfortable. Match them with plain sneakers and a cute back pack, and voila!
Like I imagined it to be, this chic Bird of Paradise jersey dress from Leota New York looks perfect with my plain white sneakers from Rocketdog Footwear and my old fave off-white back pack from Coach.

I love how soft and stretchy the dress is. It hugs my body without clinging to my curves tightly. The belt accents my waistline to avoid that flat look. The V-neck line, the buttons on the middle of the dress and the open slits in the front and sides of the dress, all add flatter to the dress by showing a little skin while still maintaining modesty. The length of the dress fits just right without making a short gal like me look even shorter.
Due to the fabric materials of jersey dresses that make them a little stretchy, they can highlight body parts that we personally would rather hide (eg. tummy bulge, wide hips, thick thighs, broad upper arms).
So my #1 tip on selecting and styling a jersey dress is to never go for a smaller dress size; #2 consider the neck line, the sleeves' length, the dress length that match your body shape; #3 choose undergarments that won't be too obvious or shaped underneath the dress and #3 choose the right type of shoes.

A jersey dress can be very versatile and good for both work and play. But since we're focused on the laid back style/look, if you ask me about shoes to wear it with, I'd stick with low top, non chunky sneakers, flats or non-heeled sandals.
And for that added relaxed look on choosing a type of bag as an accessory, I'd say a small backpack, a small crossbody or a small satchel.
Leota New York is perfect to check out when looking for a chic and comfortable jersey dress. Their collection of jersey dresses are very vibrant and versatile that takes note of every woman's body type, places they go to and activities that keep them busy.
The fabrics Leota New York uses for their dresses are machine safe and travel friendly.
To know more about this amazing brand and company, do click this link.
I surely will keep re-wearing this dress and just mix and matching it with different sneakers/flats and colorful bags to have a new look each time worn.

Make sure to visit Leota New York's website and social media accounts to explore their dress collections & to give them some love and support.

Instagram: @leotanewyork
Twitter: leotanewyork

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