STYLE | Simple ways to create different looks with gaucho pants and spring sweaters

**Featured tops are from Sita Murt.
**Featured black purse is from The Purse Club.
**Featured crossbody bag is from Wantable.

Gaucho pants are still rockin' this year and are one of those pieces that can be  very tricky to style.
One can either look like a very chic fashion trender when these pants are styled correctly or end up looking like someone who just jumped out of bed with ungroomed baggy sleeping pants on.

On this article, let's try to do the right way of styling the famous wide-legged gaucho pants.. 
I created two very simple looks with my old-fave white gaucho pants from Gap, pairing them with 2 light top sweaters from Sita Murt with a purse from The Purse Club and a crossbody bag from Wantable that can be perfect for this Spring season's outfits.
Look #1: I call it the "Asian look" (aka Korean look) haha
We (Asians) love loose/baggy tops! Don't ask me why, it's just how it is.. So, this cream loose sweater from Sita Murt is perfect for this look! But you may ask, loose sweater and wide legged pants? Yes, it is can be done, believe me.
I tuck in a little portion of my baggy sweater to accent my waistline and show the separation between the pants and my top. This way gives me shape instead of looking like a straight stick wrapped in loose clothing. I usually like rolling up some of the sleeve to give a plain sweater a little extra flatter, but this top already has the rolled up slit and a tied bow on it that give me that extra cuteness that I want..
Match these pieces with nude flats and a cute colored crossbody, and voila!
A chic everyday comfy look is created!
This is one of my typical weekend play or wanna-be-cute kind of day style. haha

Look #2: I call this the "Refined look".
This red cropped sweater with ruffle sleeves is a darling! Yes, it's so girly!
Since it's a cropped top, it hits perfectly on my waist right before my gaucho pants' waistline. It hugs the waist just right thus highlighting its shape.
Match these pieces with either high heels or pointy loafers and a small purse to get that simple yet elegant look. This is one of my favorite dining out or office work style.

So, which one do I like best? I'd say both! It really depends on my mood and the occasion.
Both outfits showcase the things I like when dressing up - simplicity, character and style.

To shop the featured two top sweaters, go to Sita Murt's online store. These pieces are now available among their spring/summer collections. I love how soft and comfortable both the sweaters feel. The fabric and design are very high in quality.
Sita Murt designs warm clothes for sensitive women. Their collections are very minimal and sophisticated in style and design. They are made in Spain. I was so happy and excited when approved as one of their brand influencers because I really, really love their clothing style! One may say that they are so minimal and simple, but there's something in them that screams that "it" or "chic" style!

The crossbody bag on the first look is from my second style edit box from Wantable.
Wantable is an online lifestyle service providing distinctly unique products tailored to every individual's tastes, needs, and wants.  By taking a brief lifestyle quiz to share your style, fit, & price preferences with your stylist, you then receive 7 handpicked pieces to try before you buy at home. Once you selected the ones you love and want to keep, you only pay for them & return what you don't. To get started with their service and to know more about this company, click here.

The black purse featured on the last look is from The Purse Club and is now one of the available options on their site. It's a monthly subscription based shopping where members are sent a bag each month based on their own style and price preferences. To be registered, one has to complete a simple and fun style quiz, so the bags sent are suitable to the individual's liking. You can check it out here thereafter you will be shown their plans and collections.

Both of the bags' quality are very nice and are highly recommended. Their style is very versatile. Their size is just right per my own preference and they are very lightweight.

Make sure to check the links below for these amazing companies!

Twitter: Sita_Murt
Twitter: wantableco
Pinterest: wantable

FB:  TPurseClub
Pinterest: thepurseclub
Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my spring looks with the pieces I featured in here.
Let's all enjoy Spring with style!

Much love, Christie

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