TRAVEL | What's inside my travel backpack?

**Featured backpack is from MMS brands.
**Featured pants are from Shop the Mint.

My favorite travel bag, especially on long flights, is a backpack.
It's roomy, convenient to carry & trendy.
As I get more excited of my upcoming trip back home to Italy, I decided to talk about what my usual travel backpack carries for me every time I take off.
Perfectly, MMS brands gifted me the Dakota backpack in color Wine to review and feature. This will be a perfect travel buddy for my upcoming trip, for many reasons!
-It's the perfect size(11.5"x14"x5") and has multiple zip features & inner/outer pouches to hold and separate my things by size/category, while also providing easy access to them.
-It's comfortable on the shoulders even with not so thick straps.
-It's smooth and beautifully crafted in Vegan leather.
-Its color and design match and compliment every chic traveler.
So, what's in my travel backpack?

1.) IPhone, earphones, charger.
These are a must for my travel bag! My phone keeps me connected with family and socially, before and after the flight; and also lets me listen to music while on the plane. So keeping it charged is very important.

2.) Beauty & Skincare products.
Beauty essentials:
Make-up remover to take off my make up before going to take that long sleep.
Lipstick, powder and blush to retouch when landed to the destination.
Skincare essentials:
My Korean toner, mist, creams and even sheet masks that add to a relaxed plane ride and also make sure that my daily skincare routine is not broken, to keep my skin healthy and protected.
Hand cream/lotion to keep my hands hydrated. Long flights tend to dry my skin a lot.

3.) Reading/Writing materials with my mini calendar.
I'm old school. I still enjoy reading from books/magazines than doing it electronically. I also still write my blog drafts on my blogger notebook and jot down my schedule on my calendar book.

5.) Snacks & Water.
These are essential for long waits or any flight delays and you're inside the plane while food and beverages are not served at that moment.
I usually bring my own snacks, like nuts, chocolates, candies and cookies but inevitably have to buy water inside the airport after having checked in.

6.) Valuables.
These includes my wallet, ID's, jewelries, photo camera, perfume, sunglasses, keys.
I would never place these items in my checked-in luggage. This way gives me peace of mind, just in case my checked-in luggage gets lost or delayed.

7.) Passport & Ticket.
I make sure these two are in my travel bag the night before I leave for the airport. An international flight is impossible to take without a passport. My printed plane ticket s just an extra assurance of my flight details/schedule on top of my electronic copy.

8.) Toiletries.
Travel size facial tissue, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste are also one of the "must-haves" in my travel bag. They keep me clean.

**Spot what item or items are missing on the photo that's on the list above:
(Comment your answer below).

MMS brands' Dakota backpack is a perfect addition to my travel bags. MMS brands offer more cool backpacks in here. MMS brands is a creator of affordable luxury bags that are fashionable and functional. They manufacture under four different in house brands (MMS Design Studio, Madison West, Miztique, Antik Kraft) and other private label products. Their bag collections include totes, cross-bodies, and backpacks.
Check out their site and social media accounts for more of their gorgeous purses/bags!
Instagram: @mms_design_studio
Facebook: mmshandbags
Twitter: mmshandbags
Pinterest: mmsdesign

**OUTFIT tips: Yes, you'll see me with comfy/loose pants, sneakers, a tee, and a light sweater or jacket on 90% of my flights. I try to dress as comfortable as I can when traveling long distances. This way eases the stress on my body.

So, how about you, what is in your travel bag?
Share your thoughts on the comments below...

Thanks again for reading.
Much love, Christie

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