FASHION | Getting Ready for Summer with my Nalho sandals

**Featured sandals are from Nalho.
**Featured denim jacket is from Wantable.

Who's ready for summer? It's never too early!
Days for dresses, shorts, tank tops, sandals & flip flops are coming!
As much as I hate the thought of super warm summer temps, I do love the fact that I can dress/style up light and minimal...

So yes, my all-time main fashion goal for summer time is to be as comfortable and cool as I can to beat the summer heat! And that I mean from head to toe.
I hate sweaty feet in summer time and thankfully I don't have feet that sweat a lot easily when it's hot but I also contribute preventing them to be by wearing footwear that keep my feet cool and comfortable.

I recently received the Nalho sandals in Ganika Orange and Ganika Metallic black/gold to try and review... I so love them! This article is showcasing the metallic black/gold pair.
My regular size is 6.5 and was given size 7 because they run small, and the fit is perfect! The sandals hug my feet so gentle and I don't feel any irritating frictions as I walk.
They are also super comfortable on the feet because they are made of yoga mat memory foam - that makes them extra lightweight too. This design helps to ease pressure from the ball of the foot and the front; it absorbs heel shock & provides arch support.
Yes, it is so soft and it feels like walking on gel pads. But despite them being so soft, I didn't feel unstable or wobbly when I walk. The sandals themselves help  with stability and arch support.
These sandals don't only make the perfect summer accessory but also serve for a cause.
By purchasing Nalho sandals a portion is given to CATW (Coalition Against Trafficking in women) in order to help them fight women and girl trafficking internationally. To read more about this, please click this link.
Nalho offers two designs of their sandals in Ganika & Karabi with different vibrant colors. Both are very stylish and gorgeous to wear.
Head to Nalho's website now and start shopping.
Also check out their social media accounts to show them love and support..

Intagram: @nalho
Facebook: nalho yogachic
Thanks for reading and to a cool and chic summer season to us all!
Much love, Christie

Outfit details:
Denim Jacket is from Wantable.
Cece black purse is from The Purse Club.
White dress is from Gap.

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