A woman in her 30's and her bright summer dress!

I heard of some people say "when a woman turns 30 and up, everything just seem to go downfall", and also heard others say "age 30 & up is a major turning point in a woman's life for the better".
Which do I believe?
I'll answer - "It depends - on the individual."

Let's consider some "simple" events where both viewpoints can be applied:

Scenario #1: I understand how some view it as a downfall due to factors that come with aging such as, physical changes like weight gain, skin problems (wrinkles, acne); also emotional/social changes like career boredom, stress from caring and maintaining a family and so forth.. which then can lead to lower self-esteem/worth and less exciting life. (**I'm not even going to detail every single example there can be, because I know the list will go on and on!) 

Scenario #2: But on the other hand, I also agree with those who believe and see it as a brighter period in their life. A time to love and embrace their body more and all the changes that come with it; to appreciate their career even more or to pursue a more exciting one; and to tackle family life and responsibilities with patience, hope and more love. I prefer to be on this side = the positive and mature side!


SUMMER Favorites: Lip Tint & Balm | Secret Key & Holika Holika

To perfect that summer glam, hydrated and natural glowing lips are a must!
I personally prefer lip balms & light lip tints over lipsticks during summer time because they add a simple yet cute charm on my summer outfits by keeping a natural look!

Today, I'll talk about 2 of my most used lip balm & tint (recently). And yes, they are Korean brands!


FOOD | My RAMEN addiction | Ajisen Ramen as my #1 pick

I've never been to Japan, and I would love to visit there one day so I can eat " authentic Japanese ramen" as much as I want to!

But for now, I'll be happy with the nearby ramen places I can go to whenever I have the craving!
Ramen restaurants have started booming here in California for the past 2 years. So far, I have tried 10 nearby ramen places (both good and bad ones), and today I will highlight 4 of them.

Let's start with "what exactly is japanese ramen"? 
Ramen consists of  noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, with toppings like sliced pork (or chasu), dried seaweed (or nori), green onions (or negi) and more (like corn, cabbage, garlic). The most popular ramen I know are the tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen mostly known from Kyushu, Japan and the miso ramen mostly known from Hokkaido, Japan

SUMMER Vibes | Dealing with the heat plus #OOTD

What to do when it's 103 degrees Fahrenheit hot where you live?

a.) Go to the mall and get free AC
b.) Go to the beach
c.) Go to a nearby city or somewhere else cooler in temperature
d.) Stay at home and blast on your AC

This weekend I picked options "b" and "c" and paired them with a light summer Mason Jules midi dress (bought from Macys.com), my old-fave plain white vans and a lightweight white coach backpack, and voila!

#OOTD style = chic without compromising comfort.

My city's summer heat is just unbearable (sad to say…). So most of the people I know don't mind driving to the Bay Area on the weekends to enjoy the cool breeze at the beach or just hang out in any surrounding bay area cities that has cooler temps!

So my husband and I did just so. We drove an hour to San Jose Ca. We spent 2 hours walking around inside the Westfield mall and shopped some sales and then headed to Santana Row (just a block away from the mall).

#KoreanSkincareSeries | Volcanic Clay Mask & Vitamin C Drop

As Korean skincare products became a big hit worldwide, I am pretty happy to say that I am one of those people who got curious to give them a try and up to now I can't stop using and talking about them! What's there to love? - the groundbreaking ingredients, the playful packaging and formula, and the undeniable results!

I have sensitive, acne prone, combination of oily and dry skin type(too complicated right?!). That's why I am very picky on facial products that I try & stick to use, although at the same time having a very elaborate and multi-step skincare routine.
So, I created this #koreanskincareseries on this blog to talk about my favorites. I'll talk about products that I personally use and love. Let's get started!

Today, I'm focusing on how I tame my daily battle with oily skin & how I keep my face bright with even skintone, without harsh exfoliating. So, I pick to review "Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask" and "Klairs Vitamin C Drop".
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