FASHION | The "black bag" essential..

**The featured bag is from Teddy Blake .

Out of all the bags/purses you may own, I'm sure you have that certain one that you always use - either because of its color, style or size, right?
Well, I have.... a chic yet classy, small to medium sized, black bag!
But recently, I have found the one that has those exact bag specifications which can finally replace my old, torn apart "former fave bag".. lol

REVIEW | Ozalia Boots - the softest and warmest winter boots!

***The Icon Short boots were from Ozalia boots.

Everytime I feel cold, the part of my body that feels it first and the most are my "feet"... And usually, even with layered socks/leggings and with boots, they're still cold during winter season...
Perfectly, the Icon Short in black from Ozalia boots arrived in time - when my feet complains about the cold the most - December to January months!
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