FASHION | Fall Style - Dresses! Be Fall-fabulous with polka dots and plaid patterns in brown and red colors

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Dressy Summer season may be gone for now but that just means dressy Fall season has just begun!

It is when I pull out from the closet the dresses with darker and richer colors and patterns.
Having said that, it's during Fall that I often see myself wearing polka dots and plaid dresses with the color blends of brown, black, burgundy, red or military green.

Here are two dresses that I sure love wearing this month with Fall's unpredictable daily weather - dresses that I can still pull off either with or without a light jacket or a trench coat and with or without stockings:
  • Polka dots dress in brown and black colors (Dress is from
I just think the color brown compliments every skin tone and even smoothens and highlights it, won't you agree? Adding black dots to this color just makes it even more attractive.
I've listed a few of similar dresses to the one I have here for you to check out:

  • Plaid dress in red and black colors (Dress is from
You can never have enough plaid outfits for Fall. And a dress in plaid of red and black just makes that perfect European look I always want to pull off - Am I Scottish enough? (lol).
Here are some other cute plaid dresses that you can shop online:

**The beige light jacket is actually from the men's collection of Topman (I borrowed my husband's).
It perfectly created that oversized utility jacket look with the dress.

So, which type of a gal are you between these two dress types - polka dots dressy gal in dark colors or plaid dressy gal in rich colors?
The choice is yours... For me, both types are gorgeous and I personally would wear both styles this Fall as often as I can!

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I have one more upcoming post under the "Fall Style" series, so stay tuned!
Thanks again for the support and 'til next time!

Much love, Christie

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