FASHION | Fall Style - Blazers! Fall inlove with my top picks of under the budget Fall blazers

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Fall has officially started and there are 2 things I am most excited about during this season - Fall leaves and Fall outfits!
Trees with yellow, orange and red leaves are so beautiful to stare at and so relaxing to watch as each leaf falls... Matching this serenity with outfits in grey, brown, red and black hues completes this season's beauty!
One of my top favorite fall outfit piece is a blazer. And this year, I am so into plaid/striped blazers!
As the weather is barely getting chilly - which usually means cold in the morning, warm during the day and cold again at night - a blazer that you can put on and/or take off whenever necessary, (without really ruining your whole outfit, but actually creating variations) is a true bestfriend.
Versatility is also a reason why I love blazers. They can be worn casually with jeans/pants/shorts, a shirt or a cami top, sneakers or flats; and/or worn formally with a dress, a skirt with a flattering top, high hills or boots.
I chose the casual look with my blazer from Asos last weekend, and it made my whole outfit so darling!        

This darling plaid blazer is definitely gorgeous, and the best part of it is that it's under $50.
Here are some of my other picks of plaid/striped blazers from Asos that are under $50:
And sometimes, if budget allows it, I also don't mind buying a blazer that can be over $50 but still under $100. A little splurge is ok too, without totally breaking the bank, right?
Here are my picks under this budget:
More of my fall outfit essentials and preferences will be coming up in the blog soon..
Thank you for reading this first fall post! I hope I was able to inspire you to be fond of blazers too, or if you're already a fan, I hope I have added some pieces inspiration to your next blazer purchase.
'Til next time and Happy Fall "shopping"!

Much love, Christie


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